Above all we work on the transport of people and materials, which is the area in which a sporting event with tens of thousands of participants will have the largest environmental impact. Busses to the start sites, carpooling, and active work on the management of trash and waste are important components of Vasaloppet’s environmental efforts.

Sustainable development for Vasaloppet: We work in the present but also make sure that future generations have the opportunity to take part in our events.

Vasaloppet’s environmental policy

As one of the world’s largest sporting events, Vasaloppet will be a leading role model in the environmental area. We will profile Vasaloppet as an events organizer placing environmental considerations at the centre of all our activities throughout the year. We want the whole organization to be involved in environmental work, and that all our employees and functionaries take environmental concerns into account when making decisions.

We’ve made active choices to, over time, reduce the environmental impact that Vasaloppet has in relation to the amount of participants, and we mean to:

  • educate and train everyone in the organization in environmental work
  • inform our participants about our environmental policy and strive to make it easier for them to make environmentally sound choices
  • take environmental aspects into account when choosing business partners, and strive to choose products and services with good environmental performance
  • limit the environmental impact of our transports
  • limit energy consumption and use renewable energy sources
  • comply with environmental laws and regulations
  • evaluate and improve our environmental performance through well-structured and planned work
  • not change the experience in the Vasaloppet Arena more than necessary, i.e. avoid negative impact
  • make sure that hazardous waste is disposed of properly
ME-Logo-RGB_textEnvironmental Award for Events

Sweden should be the world’s cleanest country – that is Håll Sverige Rent’s vision! All their projects aim to get us closer to that vision, regardless of whether it is a campaign to organize litter picking, training in the workplace, or awards given to different organizations.

The criteria that Håll Sverige Rent set up for their Environmental Award for Events is like a simplified environmental management system, with focus on action. It provides guidelines and support for structured environmental work, covering the areas where the event affects the environment. Among other things the criteria cover waste management, purchases, transports and energy. The criteria help us reduce environmental impact and resource consumption. These improvements are amplified by working with the award’s built in tools for monitoring and evaluating after the event.

Our Environmental Commandments

1. Eco-labelled
All Vasaloppet arrangements are eco-labelled by the Håll Sverige Rent foundation. We’ve achieved this through good planning and by taking into account environmental concerns in our everyday work and our decision-making. Sometimes it works out well, sometimes less well, but we should always at least be aware.

2. Vasaloppet.se – better than on paper
When we make double-sided copies we save not only on papers used but also on energy spent. For the same reason we refer more and more to our website and other digital media so that we can avoid unnecessary printing. We also make sure to order an appropriate amount of printed materials to reduce waste.

3. Ecological blueberries in the soup
Vasaloppet likes to collaborate with companies that value environmental concerns. We strive to make sure our purchases are organic and as environmentally friendly as possible.

4. Less waste in Vasaloppet
Together with partners and suppliers we work to reduce and separate our waste. The Vasalopps Arena is a nature reserve and therefore we urge our participants to throw their trash in the supplied refuse containers. During the Vasaloppet Winter Week we recycle about 11 tons of paper cups. In the long term we’re working towards a zero tolerance on littering in the Vasalopps Arena and 100 percent recycling. To achieve this we need your help!

5. Leave the car, take the bike
Vasaloppet is a sporting and exercise event. So why take the car? Walking, cycling or skiing is not only good for your health and the environment; it also saves money. If we need to travel we choose public transport and carpooling as often as possible. We encourage Vasaloppet participants to follow our example.

6. Saving energy
By reducing electricity consumption we save money and help the environment. That’s why we switch off the lights when we leave and swap to energy-efficient options when lamps and machines need to be replaced. We constantly review the use of electricity at Vasaloppet’s buildings.

Together we can do more

Together with our sponsors, collaborators and suppliers we work for a better environment. Here below you can see some examples of this:

  • Håll Sverige Rent: The foundation Håll Sverige Rent is a non-profit organization working to reduce littering, increase recycling and encourage individuals and organizations to be environmentally responsible. The foundation was established in 1983 by Naturvårdsverket (the Environmental Protection Agency) and Returpack in order to make permanent a campaign that had been going for 20 years. Vasaloppet has an active partnership with Håll Sverige Rent and works to meet the criteria of their Environmental Award for Events.
  • Preem: Preem, Sweden’s largest fuel company, feels that they have a responsibility to actively contribute to a more sustainable society. They work towards increasing the share of renewable raw materials in their products. For example they have developed a method that allows them to make diesel from pine oil, a waste product from Swedish foresting. Preem also works with canola oil, ethanol, wind power, biogas and natural gas, and has built Sweden’s largest biorefinery. We fuel our busses and heat the tent at the Vasaloppet Trade Fair with Preem’s diesel, environmental class 1.
  • Vattenfall AB: Vattenfall is Europe’s fifth largest generator of electricity and the largest heat production company in Europe. Vattenfall works in all parts of the value chain for electricity and focuses on three products – electricity, heat and natural gas. For both temporary and permanent subscriptions, Vasaloppet buys Vattenfall’s ”Good Environmental Choice” electricity, as specified by Naturskyddsföreningen (Society for Nature Conservation).
  • DHL Freight: DHL is a globally leading transport and logistics company offering transportation by air, road, sea and rail, as well as inventory management, all with the possibility of carbon offsetting. With DHL Environmental Shipping they use trucks running on renewable fuels rather than fossil fuels. This is a service that Vasaloppet uses.
  • Skjutsgruppen: Since 2012 Vasaloppet collaborates with the Skjutsgruppen group in order to reduce car traffic further. There are many short and long-distance visitors to Vasaloppet who have space left over in their cars – and the goal of the collaboration is to help participants and visitors carpool to our various events. On the Skjutsgruppen website participants, functionaries and spectators can offer and ask for carpooling.
  • Returpack: In collaboration with Returpack we’ve placed containers for pet bottles and cans along the Vasaloppet track for the Winter Week. These containers are marked with “Vasalopps Arena School Walk”. The schools in the three Vasaloppet municipalities, Malung-Sälen, Älvdalen and Mora, walk the Vasalopps Arena in early Autumn. This activity promotes fitness and exercise and from the Autumn of 2014 the environment will also be part of it.
Questions and more information

Mats Rylander, Environmental Manager
Email: mats.rylander@vasaloppet.se
Phone: +46 (0)250-392 61