• 3 days ago

    The Vasaloppet Story on Film

    This is Vasaloppet! From one ski race in 1922, with 119 participants, to 20 races for skiers, cyclists and runners with near 100,000 participants in 2017. Join us on this historic journey in forefathers' tracks, from Sälen to Mora, now with a race for everyone; beginners, athletes, children, youths as well as the foremost elite. Give us eight minutes and we'll show you everything between Gustav Vasa and Mora-Nisse to the premiere of the very first Nattvasan this year!  

  • 1 week ago

    Sara Wadman and Joakim Kullberg are the 2018 Kranskulla and Kransmas

    The 94th Kranskulla for Vasaloppet is named Sara Wadman, IFK Mora Skidklubb, and 30th anniversary Kransmas for Tjejvasan is Joakim Kullberg, IFK Mora Fotbollsklubb. ”This feels so fantastic,” says Sara Wadman. ”The question gave me a slight shock,” says Joakim Kullberg.

  • 4 weeks ago

    Vasaloppet November 2017 Update

    Snow has begun to fall and the freezing weather is here. 53,000 skiers are now registered for Vasaloppet's Winter Week 2018. Here is an update summarizing, in English, the most interesting news items from Vasaloppet’s Swedish website over the past months.

  • 2 months ago

    Silly Season is over!

    Silly season has ended and a new season of Visma Ski Classics is coming up! That means new Pro Teams and several transfers among the Pro Teams. Here is a summary of silly season direct from Visma Ski Classic:

  • 3 months ago

    121 completed Vasaloppstrippeln 2017

    136 people made the attempt and 133 who had completed both skiing and cycling came to the Ultravasan 90 start this past Saturday. 12 had to break off but 121 participants got all the way to the finish line and have thereby managed to complete Vasaloppstrippeln 2017. A big congratulations to you!

  • 4 months ago

    Cykelvasan races divided into three days in 2018

    In August 2018 Vasaloppet's Summer Week will take place for the tenth time, now with three days of biking, instead of the previous two. It's due to the large interest that Ungdomscykelvasan, Cykelvasan 30 and Cykelvasan 45 are moving from Friday to Sunday. Since 2013 the amount of registered participants in Vasaloppet's Summer Week has increased by 40 percent. Here we will also present this year's participation statistics.

  • 4 months ago

    Ida Nilsson and Elov Olsson won Ultravasan 90 2017

    There was a Swedish victory in both the men's and women's class of Ultravasan 2017. In highly wet conditions Elov Olsson, Ockelbo SK, and Ida Nilsson, Högby IF, ran to victory in the 90 kilometre ultramarathon from Sälen to Mora. Ida won with a new record time, 6.51.26. Ultravasan 45 also had new winners in both the men's and women's class: Erik Anfält, Örebro AIK, and Joasia Zakrzewski, the UK.

  • 4 months ago

    Facts, statistics and trivia for Ultravasan 2017

    On Saturday August 19 the running world elite and thousands of recreational athletes will come together in the Vasaloppet Arena. Here we offer facts, statistics and trivia for the fourth Ultravasan, the 27th Vasastafetten, and the very first Vasakvartetten. Runners from 28 nations are registered. Over 100 participants also have the chance to complete a Vasaloppstrippeln in 2017.

  • 4 months ago

    Jennie Stenerhag and Jonas Ahlstrand won Cykelvasan 2017

    Jennie Stenerhag and Jonas Ahlstrand won the mountain bike race Cykelvasan 2017. This was Stenerhag's third victory in a row and fourth in total. It was the first Cykelvasan win for road cycling professional Jonas Ahlstrand. Cykelvasan 90 between Sälen and Mora ran today for the ninth year in a row with 13,000 registered participants! Read more and watch the finishes.

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