Consideration on the course

It should be enjoyable and safe for everyone to make their way towards Mora, and it’s therefore important to show consideration towards your fellow participants. Take an extra look when you are overtaking! Be aware of shouts and calls from cyclists behind you. For example: “Keep to the right!” or “Coming in left!”

Time restrictions

For security reasons there are restrictions at our checkpoints; time limits after which you cannot pass. If you arrive too late at a checkpoint you must abandon the race. Bus transport to Mora will then be arranged. The checkpoint must be left 10 minutes after the time limit for arrival has expired. In extreme weather conditions the race directors have the right to change the time limits.

Checkpoint Time limit
Evertsberg 16:45
Hökberg 18:40

Service at our checkpoints

Along the Vasaloppet course there are seven official checkpoints. We will help with repairs at all the checkpoints along the track. An invoice for any materials used will be mailed to you after the race. There are toilets and medical services at all checkpoints, as well as at the start and finish.

Gluten free Vasaloppet buns are available in limited numbers.

This is served at the checkpoints in Cykelvasan 90 (pdf)
Ingredients for the products at the checkpoints (pdf)

Abandoning the race

If you break off your race, you must seek out medical services at the nearest checkpoint. They will take your data chip, report your decision and arrange transport to Mora. Safety and medical services have the right to take a participant out of the race if they suspect injury or illness.