Cykelvasan 90 is a race sanctioned by Svenska Cykelförbundet (SCF, the Swedish Cycling Federation), and run in accordance with SCF’s regulations TR 1, TR 4 and TR 12. See SCF’s website. Each participant takes part at his or her own risk.

Bearing in mind general safety and the risk of accidents, participants are not permitted to have headphones in their ears – for example, no music! Trailer bikes are not allowed, nor are electrical bikes, unicycles, bike trailers or children’s seats. Tandem bikes are not allowed in the competition class nor in the foremost groups of the leisure class; they are permitted in the leisure class for groups 12 and up.

To participate in the competition class you must be a member of a cycling club and have a racing license. One-day licenses can be obtained when collecting your number bib from the race offices in Mora or Sälen.

Approved bicycle helmets are mandatory for Cykelvasan. The organizers recommend mountain bikes with heavy duty tires.

Part of the race runs on public roads where regular traffic regulations apply.

Time penalty for littering in the Vasaloppet Arena

It is allowed to throw garbage in three different ways during Vasaloppet’s Summer Week, you will be caught by throwing debris otherwise you may be penalized with a time penalty of 15 minutes. You must throw litter:

  • In the bins at the Vasaloppet checkpoints.
  • In the marked littering zones between each Vasaloppet checkpoint.
  • Where you as a participant know that a team leader or associate will pick up what you throw.

How to influence your start position

In Cykelvasan 90 you can affect which group you start in by cycling a so called seeding race. After showing your mettle in such a race you will be placed in an appropriate start group. Under the heading seeding, you can read more details about how our seeding works.


 Elite service

Information is sent out to clubs and participants active in the elite group.
More information on elite groups can be found on the page Seeding.


Getting to the start

Once in place at the event you can take the Vasaloppet busses to the start and back home after your finish. With the busses you’re guaranteed to arrive well rested and on time, and you can leave your car at home. Tickets are sold at, in Vasaloppet’s House, at the bus entrances, and at the race offices in Sälen and Mora. We recommend advance booking to secure your place!

On the page Traffic and transport you’ll find timetables, bus stops and ticket booking.

Cycles will be transported by truck. Bubble wrap for protecting your bike is available in limited quantities. Vasaloppet is not responsible for scratches and nicks that may appear on the cycles during transportation.

You can also get to the start area by car, in which case we recommend leaving in very good time! Note that parking and stopping is not allowed in certain areas, as indicated by signs.

Traffic and transport
The Vasaloppet busses

Vasaloppstrippeln – three Vasaloppet in one year

Vasaloppstrippeln, the Vasaloppet trifecta, is a challenge where participants complete three 90-kilometre Vasaloppet races during one calendar year.

Read more about Vasaloppstrippeln