Consideration on the course

There will be a lot of activity on the course since Ultravasan 90, Ultravasan 45, Vasastafetten and Vasakvartetten run at the same time. With a mix of recreational and elite runners it is especially important that all participants work together. The race management requests that all runners keep to the right and go to the left when overtaking.

How the exchanges work

The timekeeping data chip works as a relay baton; the chip is attached with a velcro strap around the ankle. The chip must be carried on the ankle to be able to register individual section times, as well as the team’s finishing time and placement, since timing is completed via mats on the ground. The chip is handed over at the exchange checkpoints. Leave the exchange area quickly after making the exchange. Only forewarned teams may enter the exchange area. No chip – no time.

In connection with Vasakvartetten’s exchanges there are two pens; choose the pen marked for Vasakvartetten. The course is clearly marked with orange ribbons and red arrow signs. The ribbons are placed so that a runner can always see one. Vasakvartetten participants pass the exchange checkpoints that only apply to Vasastafetten participants. At Vasastafetten exchanges you use the same pen as the ultrarunners, the pen marked for Ultravasan.

Time restrictions

Due to security reasons and time constraints there is a time restriction at our Evertsberg checkpoint, where we will have a joint restart at 14:00 for teams who have not then completed their exchange. For the same reasons a joint restart can also be called at other exchange checkpoints. This will be decided by the exchange checkpoint managers. The restart may be executed immediately after approval is given by the checkpoint manager. After restarting, the team continues as participants in the competition and receive placements and times just like other teams.

Checkpoint Time limit
Evertsberg approx. 14:00

Service at our refreshment stations

There are refreshment stations at the start, finish and at every exchange checkpoint, as well as every 3rd to 5th kilometre along the course. There are toilets and medical services at all exchange checkpoints, as well as at the start and finish.

This is served at the checkpoints in Vasastafetten (pdf)
Ingredients for the products at the checkpoints (pdf)

Abandoning the race

If you break off your race, you must seek out medical services at the nearest checkpoint. They will take your data chip, report your decision and arrange transport to Mora. Safety and medical services have the right to take a participant out of the race if they suspect injury or illness.

The team may restart at the next section and run on, though without competing. Participants will still get times for their sections.