Showers are available at Mora Gymnasium. Free busses run regularly between the Trade Fair area and shower facilities. Follow the directions from our functionaries and you won’t go wrong!

At Mora Gymnasium, you’ll find your packing, and you can leave your skis at the ski depository. When you’ve showered, the bus will take you back to the Trade Fair area.

Camp Nattvasan

At Mora Gymnasium, about a kilometre from the finish, you’ll find Camp Nattvasan, offering simple classroom lodging.

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Situation map – After the finishSituation map – After the finish (pdf)

Situation map - MoraSituation map – Mora (pdf)

Diploma, race profile and medal

All who complete the race are awarded a medal directly after finishing. As evidence of your achievement, you will receive a free diploma, which you collect on Saturday, at the Trade Fair area. Here you can also purchase a personal race profile and fine frames. Diploma and race profile can also be ordered later (with a fee) through My Pages.

My Pages