How to alter your start position

Your start position is determined by the estimated finishing time you filled in when registering. The estimated finishing time can be altered on My pages. Read more under Registration.


Collect start number and data chip

All our participants must wear a start number and data chip. These are collected at our race offices. Start numbers and data chips that are not collected the day before the race will be at the race office at your start location. On the page Opening Hours you can see when our race offices are open.

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Opening Hours

What to do with your clothes

Pack a change of clothes separately in a bag and put it by the trucks at the start area. These will then be transported to Mora. Put your overalls in the plastic sack you got together with the number bib, and place the plastic sack by the trucks or in the collection pens available at each start group.

1. Protect your change of clothes from getting wet (for example in a plastic bag inside your bag).
2. The trucks are marked by colour of plastic sack and start number.
3. Put your backpack/bag on the correct truck.
4. Do not send your things by private transport.

How the start works

The first start is at 07:00. This race starts in groups of about 1.000 participants, with a group starting every ten minutes. Start positions in Öppet Spår is based on the estimated completion time you filled in when registering.

Class Start group
Start number Start time
Leisure 90 km 1 07:00
2 07:10
3 07:20
4 07:30
5 07:40
6 07:50
7 08:00–08:30

This applies in the event of a fully booked race. If the race is not fully booked there will be fewer start groups and an earlier last starting time.

Site map Start Sälen

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