Our events annually attract nearly 100,000 participants eager to tackle different parts of the classic stretch from Sälen to Mora. We’re glad you want to be one of them! Demand differs between races, which is why the races have different registration procedures. Find more specifics on the pages for each race.

The online registration for our winter races 2019, opens March 18th at 9 a.m.

Changes at vasaloppet.se and direct registration

On Tuesday, February 20, at midnight we close online registration and alteration for the races Kortvasan, Tjejvasan, Ungdomsvasan, Öppet Spår, Halvvasan, Nattvasan and Stafettvasan at vasaloppet.se.

We then open for direct registration for these races (with slightly higher participation fee) and alterations made on location at our competition offices on Wednesday, February 21, in Mora at 16:00 and in Sälen on Thursday, February 22, at 10:00.

On Tuesday, February 27, at midnight we close online registration and alteration for Vasaloppet at vasaloppet.se. We open for alterations made on location at our competition offices in Mora and Sälen on Thursday March 1 at 10:00.

Opening Hours

How you register

Log into My Pages to register for your chosen race. There you’ll find a registration form. After filling out the form you complete your registration by payment using a card or internet bank.

My pages
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Fully booked race?

Were you unable to register for a race that is now fully booked? There is always the possibility of buying a start position from someone else. A forum we recommend is startplatser.se. On the page Buying and selling a start position you can find all the information you need.

Buying and selling a start position


We only accept individual registration and payment is made online by card or direct payment through your internet bank (we do not send invoices). You will be registered when we have received your registration fee. Registration is binding! Vasaloppet follows Swedish law for distance selling and will not store your card information. All card information is handled via secure SSL encryption and the banks’ 3D Secure technology.

Receipt and start certificate

Your participant confirmation, which will be delivered via email, is your receipt. Vasaloppsföreningen Sälen-Mora is a non-profit organization so there is no VAT taxation on the participation fee. A start certificate will be sent out via email a few weeks before the race. Your registration cannot be postponed to a later year.

Competition classes

All participants in Vasaloppet, and competition class participants in Tjejvasan must be members of a Swedish ski club registered with the Swedish Ski Association. For participants in Vasaloppet’s other races we recommend club membership since it provides insurance coverage for training and competition. Participation is at your own risk.

International participants represent their countries or their ski clubs – if they are members of a Swedish ski club registered with the Swedish Ski Association.

Startklar – cancellation and accident insurance

If you buy our Startklar insurance then your whole participation fee will be refunded if illness or injury prevents your participation. You must present medical documents stating the cause. Startklar also includes an accident insurance plan covering your competition and travel to and from the event. Startklar is valid for 12 months following the subscription date, costs 155 SEK, and applies to all Swedish exercise and competition events.

Read more at startklar.nu. Report refund requests or accidents to Folksam via phone: +46 (0)771-960 960. On the pages for Insurance and Conditions of registration you can read our full terms and conditions.

Conditons of registration