Consideration on the course

It should be enjoyable for everyone to make their way towards Mora, and it’s therefore important to show consideration towards your fellow participants. Take an extra look when you change tracks and leave the left-hand track free for overtaking. This way, everyone can go at their own pace all the way to the finish. The basic rule is: Keep to the right, overtake on the left!

How the exchanges work

Exchanges take place at the Vasaloppet checkpoints. Complete the exchange by patting the back of the participant that is starting their stretch. The Exchange area is well marked and our functionaries will assist you in making sure everythig runs quickly and smoothly. Only alerted teams may enter the exchange area. Note that no team leaders are allowed inside the exchange area.

Service at our checkpoints

We have four exchange checkpoints; at Mångsbodarna, Evertsberg, Oxberg and Hökberg, and at these checkpoints it is possible to get assistance with simple complementary grip wax before your start. Cleaning and glide wax is not included. The cost is 50 SEK and it can be paid with cash or via Swish. For complete waxing service we refer to the official waxing services in Mora or Sälen.

In Smågan, Risberg and Eldris we offer grip wax service and smaller equipment repairs to those skiing past on their section. Toilets and medical staff are available at all checkpoints as well as the start and finish line area.

All checkpoints serve drinks and refreshments of various sorts. Gluten-free Vasaloppet buns are available in limited numbers. Specifics on what is served can be found on the detailed race map.

Detailed race map (pdf)
Ingredients for the products at the checkpoints (pdf)

Abandoning the race

If you break off your race, you must seek out medical services at the nearest checkpoint. They will take your data chip, report your decision and arrange transport to Mora. Safety and medical services have the right to take a participant out of the race if they suspect injury or illness.