Once you’ve crossed the finish line, leave your skis at the ski depository in the Vasaloppet Trade Fair area. Showers are available at Prästholmens IP. Free busses run regularly between the Trade Fair and shower facilities. Follow the directions from our functionaries and you won’t go wrong!

Situation map – After the finishSituation map – After the finish (pdf)

Situation map - MoraSituation map – Mora (pdf)

Diploma and medaldiplom_skidor_2017_1350x690

All who complete the race are awarded Ungdomsvasan’s medal. As evidence of your achievement, you will receive a free diploma that can be collected at the Trade Fair in Mora. Here you can also purchase and fine frames. Diploma and frame can also be ordered later (with a fee) through My Pages.

My Pages

Awards ceremony

The person arriving first in each class will be met by the Kranskulla or Kransmas. The awards ceremony will take place at the Vasaloppet Trade Fair in Mora at 12:30. Spurt prizes will be awarded to the first participants to pass Eldris in the classes H 15–16 and D 15–16, and Hill prizes to the participants passing Hemus first in the classes H 11–12, D 11–12, H 13–14 and D 13–14. The top three in each class will be awarded prizes donated by sponsors.

Your results

Your results are presented live at vasaloppet.se during the race, giving everyone the chance to follow your progress. You will be able to see your complete results after the race, including intermediate times.