Collect start number and data chip

All our participants must wear a start number and data chip. These are collected at the location you chose when registering; at our race offices at the Vasaloppet Trade Fair in Mora or the Vasaloppet start in Berga by, Sälen. You can change the location through My Pages up until the middle of February. Start numbers and data chips that are not collected the day before the race will be at the race office at your start location. On the page Opening Hours you can see when our race offices are open.

My Pages
Opening Hours

What to do with your clothes

All participants handle their own transport of clothes and overalls.

How the start works

The joint start takes place, divided by class, in Hökberg and Eldris.

At the start places in Hökberg and Eldris we have four different start pens (A-D) where we apply self-seeding, which means that you yourself determine which pen you should be in according to our recommendations:

Pen A: You’ve participated in Ungdomsvasan before and placed in the top 5, or are aiming to do so.
Pen B: You’ve participated in Ungdomsvasan before and placed in the top 30, or are aiming to do so.
Pen C: You’ve participated in Ungdomsvasan and/or are a competitive skier.
Pen D: You are participating for the first time or feel that you want plenty of space at the start.

Come to the start in good time. Start times may be subject to change if there are large numbers of participants. Entering the pens will be possible 10 minutes before each start time.

Start Eldris
Class Start time Distance Born
H 13–14 kl. 09.00 9 km 2004 – 2005
D 13–14 kl. 09.15 9 km 2004 – 2005
H 11–12 kl. 09.30 9 km 2006 – 2007
D 11–12 kl. 09.45 9 km 2006 – 2007
Start Hökberg
Class Start time Distance Born
H 15–16 kl. 10.00 19 km 2002 – 2003
D 15–16 kl. 10.15 19 km 2002 – 2003

H – boys, D – girls.