Your registration and participation

Terms and conditions

In the EU, distance contracts come with an inherent right of withdrawal during a period of two weeks, but please note that this right of withdrawal does not apply to purchases of culture events or sports events.
This means that once registration/payment is made, your registration is binding. Your participation fee cannot be refunded.

There are exceptions to the right of withdrawal.

  •  Culture events and sports events.
  • It is forbidden to have someone else participate in our events using your name.
  • All participation in Vasaloppet’s events is at your own risk.
  • According to the Swedish Ski Association guidelines 50 percent of the registration fee will be refunded in case of a canceled event.

In the event of accidents

Always register an injury to Folksam by telephoning +46(0)771-960 960. If you have taken out Startklar-insurance via Folksam this comes into force in the first instance. If you are a member of a sports association/club registered with the Swedish Sports Confederation your association/club insurance come into force in the second instance. If you are not a member of such an association/club then, in the third instance, Vasaloppet’s own accident insurance comes into force.

In the event of loss or damage to your belongings

Vasaloppet does not cover loss or damage to property. Loss or damage should be reported to your insurance company and your home insurance. Regarding equipment with high value we recommend taking out a comprehensive or separate insurance.

Address register and name publication

Vasaloppet’s cooperation partners have the possibility to access the address registers from Vasaloppet’s various events. This means that advertising offers and relevevant information from them can come to you. The Data Protection Act requires consent from every affected individual such that names of the parties concerned can be published in start and result lists on the Internet. Those who not wish to receive advertising offers or who do not want their name or photo in the start or result lists intended for Internet publication or other public announcements during the events or other communication by Vasaloppet and its partners should inform the Vasaloppet office (phone: +46250-392 00, email:

Scientific studies

Participants in Vasaloppet’s events are, from time to time, the object of medical research, mostly within the area of physical exercise, fitness and health. In 2003, for example, in cooperation with Karolinska Institutet, Sweden’s foremost medical research university, was published a study which established that that our participants are healthier and live longer than others. Before such research studies, approval for ethical and research value must be sought. An in-depth study from this health perspective is now current and is approved by the Ethical Review Board in Uppsala.

For this type of study Vasaloppet’s register is a valuable resource. Our competition register is run in conjunction with registry information from, for example, health care, social insurance, and the Central Bureau of Statistics. These studies do not affect and do not involve the individual participant in Vasaloppet Weeks events, or the selected control individuals from the general population. Researchers collect and compile anonymous information in complete confidence. Results are presented in scientific journals and in the press, including our own journal Vasalöparen. Information is presented in table compilation form and no individual can be identified.

For the same research purposes, survey questionnaires will be sent out via our email register, and the recipient can decide whether to take part or not. Further information about the current studies can be requested from Vasaloppet’s competition doctor Ulf Hållmarker,