UltraVasan 90 K

In UltraVasan 90 K extreme runners from all corners of the world meet to take on the historic distance between Sälen and Mora. Run at dawn over marshes, past watercourses and towards the sunrise in the Swedish coniferous forest in history’s greatest challenge.

UltraVasan 90 K is a terrain race and, exactly as the traditional Vasaloppet, starts in Sälen and follows Vasalopps Arena eastwards towards Mora. The race has a gents and a ladies class. Participants are offered strengthening food and liquid checkpoints along the course, and the possibility for clothes change at the Evertsberg checkpoint.

The course surface is varied with everything from small paths and tracks to bigger gravel roads and asphalt to a lesser extent. The total incline is less than 1000 m, and the last half consists, for the most part, of broad forest roads following to a great extent the Vasaloppet course. The asphalt part in total is scarcely five kilometres. 

More information, a film about UltraVasan and an interview with the Mora runner, Jonas Buud, are at vasaloppet.se/ultra.

Host for UltraVasan:

Facts about UltraVasan 90 K:
22 August 2015
Number of Participants:
1 500
90 K
Race style:
Ultra Trail
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