Races winter


Race Date 2016
Distance (km) Age* Max number of participants

KortVasan 26/2
Oxberg30 12-16 10.000
Oxberg3017- 10.000
UngdomsVasan 28/2
Mora ski stadium
3/5/7/9 9-16** 1.600

Öppet Spår,

90 17- 10.000
Öppet Spår, Monday 29/2
Sälen90 17- 8.000
HalvVasan 1/3
Oxberg45 17- 8.000
StafettVasan 4/3
Sälen24/24/14/9/19 12- 1.800 teams
Vasaloppet 6/3
Sälen90 19- 15.800
Club representation is mandatory in Vasaloppet and in TjejVasan's competition class. All races in classical technique.

* With age is meant that age you reach in the year you take part in the race.
** In UngdomsVasan you can take part up till and including the year you will be 16.

Barnens Vasalopp in Sälen and Mora every winter.

Registration fees.

Read about Vasaloppet's environmental work.

Vasaloppet is now a year round organizer which means that we have both a winter and a summer week. The winter week attracts the most participants to eight various races. One race will certainly suit you.

In the week's first race, KortVasan, everyone from age 12 can participate. Whole families skiing along the 30 kilometers from Oxberg to Mora. TjejVasan attracts both elite and exercisers. It's joy, sweat, and community in a lovely combination. In UngdomsVasan get all between nine and sixteen years experience how it feels to go into Vasaloppet finish to the crowd's cheers.

Öppet Spår is the perfect course for those who want to ski the world's longest ski race, but avoid competition stress. If you choose HalvVasan this year, you might choose to go 90 km next year. In HalvVasan you can also seed to a better start group in Sunday's Vasaloppet. StafettVasan gathers companies, groups of friends and families. Five legs from Sälen to Mora - an extraordinary experience. In Barnens Vasalopp, in Sälen and Mora, the yonugset ski in the footsteps of our forefathers. Everyone is a winner and everyone gets a medal.

The highlight of the week is Vasaloppet - the oldest, longest and biggest long race in the world. It is 90 km scenic experience and also a big challenge, perhaps one of the biggest challenges you can take on. In the footsteps of our forefathers for the victories of tomorrow!

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