StafettVasan is the race with something of a humorous glint in its eyes, with the keenest supporter groups and, undoubtedly, the most roars of laughter. Many of the teams can come with burlesque show costumes, have maybe involved a whole business in their venture, but all bring with them high spirits, enveloping the whole Vasalopps Arena with a genuine joy of skiing.

At the same time it is, of course, a challenge to be taken in real earnest. Of the five relay sections, the longest is 24 km and a very serious challenge for anyone not so used to skis. The shortest section is also the last. With its 9 km it is really one long spurt to the finish, where team mates await with cheers and applause.

Many companies and businesses choose StafettVasan as a joint goal in their keep-fit and training activities. Groups of friends, and families, take it on as a mutual challenge, something new and different. 

It’s easy to understand why StafettVasan is the event that is growing fastest. This is skiing at its most enjoyable – enter yourself and your colleagues or friends today, and the conversation topic over the next months will be self evident!!   

Host for StafettVasan:

Facts about StafettVasan:
4 March 2016
Number of Participants:
max 1800 teams, 5 persons per team (FULL)
24, 24, 14, 9 and 19 km
Race style:
classic technique
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Number of participants
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