Vasaloppet’s Summer Week 2019

The time has come for another Summer Week, starting with Cykelvasan Öppet Spår and Cykelvasasprinten on Friday, August 9, and continues with Cykelvasan 90 on Saturday, August 10, Cykelvasan 30, Cykelvasan 45 and Ungdomscykelvasan on Sunday, August 11. The week finishes with the running races Ultravasan 90, Ultravasan 45, Vasastafetten and Vasakvartetten on Saturday, August 17. Welcome!

Friday 9 August: Cykelvasan Öppet Spår. 94 km. Start Sälen.
Friday 9 August: Cykelvasasprinten. 1 km. Lindvallen, Sälen.
Saturday 10 August: Cykelvasan 90. 94 km. Start Sälen.
Sunday 11 August: Cykelvasan 30. 32 km. Start Oxberg.
Sunday 11 August: Ungdomscykelvasan. 32 km. Start Oxberg.
Sunday 11 August: Cykelvasan 45. 45 km. Start Oxberg.
Saturday 17 August: Ultravasan 45. 45 km. Start Oxberg.
Saturday 17 August: Ultravasan 90. 90 km. Start Sälen.
Saturday 17 August: Vasastafetten. 4,5–15 km. Running relay for ten-person teams. Start Sälen.
Saturday 17 August: Vasakvartetten. 19.1–24.2 km. Running relay for four-person teams. Start Sälen.


No accreditation is required for the media. For those wishing to photograph the race you need a photo vest that can be checked out from Vasaloppet’s House, Mora, from Thursday August 8.

Press centre

There will be no particular press centre for Vasaloppets’s Summer Week 2019. On competition days representatives from Vasaloppet will be avalible for assisting media. If in need of a writing space, please contact Vasaloppet’s PR Manager Camilla Sandy.

Start lists and results
Username: vasa
Password: media

Photos and press releases

For photos and press releases, visit Vasaloppet’s pressroom on Mynewsdesk.

Journalists participating in the races

For all races there are a few start places reserved for the media. Are you interested in participating and reporting directly from the track? Contact with a description of your planned reporting. Those who are quickest to get in touch will get these spots. NOTE! Registration is personal and non-transferable.

Around the events

The whole programme for Vasaloppet’s Summer Week is available at

Press Contact

Camilla Sandy
Phone: +4670-384 95 00