Above all we work on the transport of people and materials, which is the area in which a sporting event with tens of thousands of participants will have the largest environmental impact. Buses to the start sites, carpooling, and active work on the management of trash and waste are important components of Vasaloppet’s environmental efforts.

Sustainable development for Vasaloppet: We work in the present but also make sure that future generations have the opportunity to take part in our events.

Vasaloppet’s environmental policy

As one of the world’s largest sporting events, Vasaloppet will be a leading role model in the environmental area. We will profile Vasaloppet as an events organizer placing environmental considerations at the centre of all our activities throughout the year. We want the whole organization to be involved in environmental work, and that all our employees and functionaries take environmental concerns into account when making decisions.

We’ve made active choices to, over time, reduce the environmental impact that Vasaloppet has in relation to the amount of participants, and we mean to:

  • educate and train everyone in the organization in environmental work
  • inform our participants about our environmental policy and strive to make it easier for them to make environmentally sound choices
  • take environmental aspects into account when choosing business partners, and strive to choose products and services with good environmental performance
  • limit the environmental impact of our transports
  • limit energy consumption and use renewable energy sources
  • comply with environmental laws and regulations
  • evaluate and improve our environmental performance through well-structured and planned work
  • not change the experience in the Vasaloppet Arena more than necessary, i.e. avoid negative impact
  • make sure that hazardous waste is disposed of properly.

Together we can do more

Together with our sponsors, collaborators and suppliers we work for a better environment. Here below you can see some examples of this:

DHL Freight

DHL is a globally leading transport and logistics company offering transportation by air, road, sea and rail, as well as inventory management, all with the possibility of carbon offsetting. With DHL Environmental Shipping they use trucks running on renewable fuels rather than fossil fuels. This is a service that Vasaloppet uses.

Adven helps us develop the heating of our convention tents with climate-smart solutions such as distance heating in Mora and pellets in Sälen.

Prezero helps us handle our waste products. Together we strive to reduce the amount of general waste at our events. We will reduce the total amount of waste and what remains should be separated at source.

En Svensk Klassiker
Together with the other En Svensk Klassiker events we constantly help each other out in our environmental work. We review one another and set joint goals become sustainable event organizers.

Questions and more information

Mats Rylander, Environmental Manager
Email: mats.rylander@vasaloppet.se
Phone: +46 (0)250-392 61