2021-05-31 10:52

Chance to win an electric car from Volvo in Hemmavasan 2021

Once again, the pandemic prevents the regular Vasaloppet Summer Week from going ahead, but participants can still reach their cycling or running finish line – in Hemmavasan.
Last year's success is back, now upgraded with great prizes, including an electric car from Volvo.
"We know that many have trained extra hard this past year, so it feels good to be able to offer a safe and flexible solution. At the same time, we are happy that elite participants this year can compete in Cykelvasan 90, Ultravasan 90 and Ultravasan 45 on location in the Vasaloppet Arena," says Johan Eriksson, Vasaloppet's CEO.

During the period of July 3–August 22 Hemmavasan can be completed at any time and in any place worldwide, maybe in the woods around your home or on vacation.

Completing Hemmavasan in the Vasaloppet Arena is also possible as the arena is open for hiking and exercise throughout the summer. However, Vasaloppet will not offer any service on location or hold any events.
”Since the authorities do not have an exact time frame for when the restrictions can be lifted, we have chosen to invest in Hemmavasan. Our participants thereby know that they can reach their finish line in a place, time and company of their choosing,” says Johan Eriksson who believes that Hemmavasan this year can attract new groups, such as families holidaying in the mountains.

”Many have booked an active summer holiday and for them, Hemmavasan is a perfect concept with free starts for children up to 16 years of age and lots of options for both cycling and running, including distances ranging from 10 to 90 km.”

Thanks to Vasaloppet’s partners, the second edition of Hemmavasan has been upgraded with some nice prizes, such as a Volvo XC40 Recharge Twin, Volvo’s first electric SUV. Everyone over the age of 16 who finishes Hemmavasan 2021 has a chance to win, no matter their distance or results.

Elite competing on location
Based on current restrictions, three of the regular races can be held on location in the Vasaloppet Arena in August. These are the elite versions of Cykelvasan 90, Ultravasan 90 and Ultravasan 45.

Only cyclists with elite licenses can start in Cykelvasan 90, and for the ultrarunning races runners will be selected in collaboration with the Swedish Athletics Association.

New for this year, Cykelvasan 90 will be held on a weekday evening, Thursday, August 19.
”This way, more people can follow our live broadcast on Vasaloppet.TV and we avoid closing the Arena for exercisers and hikers during a weekend,” says Tommy Höglund, Vasaloppet’s Sports Manager.

The elite races Ultravasan 90 and Ultravasan 45 will be held on Sunday, August 22. On the same day, the entire Hemmavasan period ends with a live broadcast at Vasaloppet.TV, showing highlights from the three elite races, victor interviews and features. The person winning the car will also be decided during this broadcast.

CEO Johan Eriksson says that Vasaloppet has always been an engine for exercise and public health.
”And we continue to be so, pandemic or no. Now our hope is that many will want to keep training, stay active this summer and complete Hemmavasan with us.”

Registration for Hemmavasan 2021 opens at vasaloppet.se on Tuesday, June 1 at 09.00.

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Upcoming events

Hemmavasan 2021 – July 3–August 22 2021, anytime, anywhere
Hemmavasan Cykel 90 – bike 94 km
Hemmavasan Cykel 45 – bike 43,5 km
Hemmavasan Cykel 30 – bike 31,7 km
Hemmavasan Cykel 10 – bike 10 km
Hemmavasan Ultra 90 – walk, jog or run 90,8 km
Hemmavasan Ultra 45 – walk, jog or run 44,2 km
Hemmavasan Trail 30 – walk, jog or run 31,7 km
Hemmavasan Trail 10 – walk, jog or run 10 km

Elite races, Summer 2021
Thur 19 Aug: Cykelvasan 90 Elit. 94 km. Start Sälen
Sun 22 Aug: Ultravasan 90 Elit. 90 km. Start Sälen
Sun 22 Aug: Ultravasan 45 Elit. 45 km. Start Oxberg

Anniversary race 2022
Sat 12 Feb: Jubileumsvasan. About 90 km. Start Sälen

Vasaloppet’s Winter Week 2022 – 100th anniversary!
Fri 25 Feb: Vasaloppet 30. 30 km. Start Oxberg
Sat 26 Feb: Tjejvasan. 30 km. Start Oxberg
Sun 27 Feb: Ungdomsvasan. 9/19 km. Start Eldris/Hökberg
Sun 27 Feb: Öppet Spår Sunday. 90 km. Start Sälen
Mon 28 Feb: Öppet Spår Monday. 90 km. Freestyle. Start Sälen
Tue 1 Mar: Vasaloppet 45. 45 km. Start Oxberg
Fri 4 Mar: Stafettvasan. 9–24 km. 90 km relay for 5-person teams. Start Sälen
Fri 4 Mar: Nattvasan 90. 90 km. Freestyle. Individually or in two-person teams, start Sälen
Fri 4 Mar: Nattvasan 45. 45 km. Freestyle. Individually or in two-person teams, start Oxberg
Fri 4 Mar: Nattvasan 30. 30 km. Freestyle. Individually or in two-person teams, start Oxberg
Sat 5 Mar: Blåbärsloppet. 9 km. Start Eldris
Sun 6 Mar: Vasaloppet. 90 km. Start Sälen (FULLY BOOKED)


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