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Cykelvasasprinten is finally back – taking new shape in 2022

Cykelvasasprinten is a fast-paced, exciting event held in front of a large audience in Lindvallen, Sälen, the day before Cykelvasan 90. After a two-year break, the competition is back this year – Friday, August 12 – as a performance race where invited elite cyclists compete for the victory cheque. Don't miss Cykelvasasprinten 2022!

A temporary course is especially built in the lower part of Lindvallen’s slalom slopes, making for an audience-friendly, fun and technical experience. New for this year, Cykelvasasprinten is held as a relay race between four invited teams, with four members in each team. The track is about 1 km and the team that cycles the most laps on this track in 30 minutes wins the first prize of 20,000 SEK.

The 16 participating elite cyclists are divided so that each team has one senior man, one senior woman, one junior man and one junior woman.

Johan Rydén, Vasaloppet Event Manager, who will be invited?
”Previous winners will participate, including Dalarna cyclists like Emil Lindgren, Jennie Stenerhag and Matthias Wengelin. These are cyclists who will start in Cykelvasan 90 the very next day. Since Cykelvasasprinten is such a strong crowd favourite, we also want to create an inspiring competition where younger elites can take part and be inspired.”

Last time, three years ago, an open qualifier was held to give the public a chance to participate; only elite cyclists are invited to participate this year but can the public try out the course?
”Yes, the course is open every day, except during the actual Cykelvasasprinten. On that day, the track will be closed between 13:00 and 17:00. The course also has a Strava segment where you can challenge yourself and see how you measure up against the greats.”

What do you think people find charming about Cykelvasasprinten?
”It’s such a crowd-friendly event where you get close to the cyclists and can see the participants during pretty much the whole lap. You get to experience the pulse! And it’s not all about the cyclists, the audience also contributes to make it such a great competition.”

FACTS/ Cykelvasasprinten 2022
First race: 2010
Race number: 11
Location: Lindvallen, Sälen
Time: Friday, August 12, 2022, at 16:00.
NOTE! Free admission!

The photo above is from Cykelvasasprinten 2019.

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