2020-06-25 20:56

Over 9,000 have already secured their start place in Vasaloppet's Summer Week 2021 – registration for everyone is open

After the decision that Vasaloppet's Summer Week 2020 will not run on location in the Vasaloppet Arena due to the covid-19 pandemic, those 18,000 with registered start places have now chosen how to proceed. In summary over 9,000 have chosen to move their start to next year and over 8,500 will participate in Hemmavasan this summer. Registration for the Summer Week 2021 and Hemmavasan 2020 is now opening for everyone.

”For us it’s incredibly inspiring and fun to see so many already choosing to come with us next summer, and that we, after intensive work to create new conditions allowing people to cross the finish line this year too, can welcome over 8,500 participants to a unique, digital version of Vasaloppet,” says Johan Eriksson, Development Manager at Vasaloppet.

Hemmavasan included

In total 22 percent of those who have made an active choice regarding their Summer Week registration have chosen to have their registration fee refunded and about 6 percent have chosen to donate half or their entire registration fee to Vasaloppet. About 9,000 have, in other words, chosen to move their start to 2021 and over 8,500 of these have also registered to run or bike a race in Hemmavasan. Among them we find names such as Jenny and Sanna Kallur, aiming for Vasaloppstrippeln 45, 2020, and last year’s Cykelvasan 90 winner, Emil Lindgren.
”I’d been looking forward to defending my victory from last year but I’m at least as keen to spread some cycling joy by participating in Hemmavasan on August 15. I’ll be pulling together a real tough bunch and rip through Hemmavasan 90 on bike in wonderful terrain around Alingsås,” Emil Lindgren writes on his Instagram account.

Registration for the Summer Week 2020 was paused in April and today, Wednesday, registration for next year’s summer events is opening for everyone looking to make a comeback in the Vasaloppet Arena or who want to get an early goal to motivate their training. As a bonus everyone who registers for the Summer Week 2021 will also get a start place in Hemmavasan 2020.

A unique event for all Vasaloppet fans

From today it’s also possible to register directly for one or multiple races in Hemmavasan 2020. The start will be on Saturday, August 15 when Vasaloppet.TV kicks off an all-day live broadcast from a studio by the Vasaloppet finish line. Those near and dear can follow participants’ progress out around the country and the world, get live reports, tips and encouragement from the Kranskulla and Kransmas and other guests and experts in the studio.
”We’re both grateful and humbled by the fact that our participants are excited to follow Vasaloppet into the future and take part in this once-in-a-lifetime event with a digital version of Vasaloppet. Now we’re hoping that even more people will take this shot to do something unique together with thousands of other Vasaloppet fans around Sweden and the World in Hemmavasan,” says Johan Eriksson.

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