2021-06-14 08:49

Registration for Hemmavasan 2021 is open

This summer you have a whole 51 days to complete Hemmavasan. Pick one of four cycling distances or four running distances, and a day of your choosing between Saturday, July 3 and the big finishing Sunday, August 22 – and by finishing you'll have a shot at winning a Volvo XC40 Recharge Twin, Volvo's first electric SUV. Don't forget to use the hashtag #hemmavasan this summer!

Since the world isn’t quite back to ”normal mode” yet, Vasaloppet is holding Hemmavasan again this year but for a longer period of time: July 3 – August 22; you’re coming along, right? Bike and run Vasaloppet at home, on your holiday, in the countryside or maybe on location in the Vasaloppet Arena. Everyone who finishes also has a chance to win a Volvo XC40 Recharge Twin, Volvo’s first electric SUV. We’re also raffling one pair of running shoes from Craft every day and fine ski packs from Madshus. Register now and start preparing!

Last year, over 12,000 participants in 20 different countries completed Hemmavasan. More than 18.5 trips around the world,  743,172 kilometres, were tackled on bike and foot with great creativity and ingenuity.

We’ll see you this summer – and remember to use #hemmavasan

Vasaloppet Summer 2021

Hemmavasan 2021 – whenever and wherever you want, July 3–August 22

As a Hemmavasan participant you complete your race at a location of your choosing during the period July 3– August 22, 2021. Choose between cycling and running and distances from 10 km to 90 km.

Hemmavasan Bike 90 – bike 94 km
Hemmavasan Bike 45 – bike 45 km
Hemmavasan Bike 30 – bike 32 km
Hemmavasan Bike 10 – bike 10 km
Hemmavasan Ultra 90 – walk, jog, run 90 km
Hemmavasan Ultra 45 – walk, jog, run 45 km
Hemmavasan Trail 30 – walk, jog, run 30 km
Hemmavasan Trail 10 – walk, jog, run 10 km


Elite races in the Vasaloppet arena

• Thursday, August 19
Cykelvasan 90 Elit 94 km, start Sälen
• Sunday, August 22
Ultravasan 90 Elit 90 km, start Sälen
Ultravasan 45 Elit 45 km, start Oxberg

Vasaloppstrippeln – ski, bike and run Vasaloppet in one year

Vasaloppstrippeln, the Vasaloppet trifecta, is a challenge where participants complete three Vasaloppet races during one calendar year. Ski, bike and run 90, 45 or 30  kilometres in forefathers’ tracks.



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