2020-01-14 10:24

Snow report from the Vasaloppet Arena

Preparations in the Vasaloppet Arena for the Winter Week 2020 are going according to plan. Snow distribution has started and extra snow cannons have been borrowed to optimize snow production.

”We know that lots of people around the country are struggling to make ski tracks and manage snow training, and we want to commend everyone and thank you for your engagement. A warm welcome to Vasaloppet’s Winter Week 2020,” says Johan Eriksson, Vasaloppet Development Manager.

So far Jack Frost has been absent; it’s been a relatively snowless winter in many parts of Sweden. Even in Sälen and Mora the mild weather has affected snow in the Vasaloppet Arena but work is proceeding according to plan. From Sälen down to Evertsberg there’s now a 20 cm layer of hard packed snow. More snow and cold temperatures are also expected towards the end of the week.

From Mora and northwards Vasaloppet is distributing snow that’s been manufactured and for the upcoming weekend with the Moraloppet race (which is a seeding-based race for Vasaloppet) the plan is to have ski tracks ready from Mora Ski Stadium up to Hökberg. A stretch of about 16 km.

”We’re now placing snow in the arena that should hold all the way up until the Winter Week races. Experience has brought us confidence; we’ve fortified with extra snow cannons and we’re producing snow whenever the weather allows. Our conviction is that we’ll be able to run all Vasaloppet Winter Week 2020 races as planned,” says Johan Eriksson.

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