2015-09-03 16:22

Volvo Cars new main sponsor for Vasaloppet

Vasaloppet has signed a new contract with Volvo Car Sweden who, from September 1 and on, are a new main sponsor and official vehicle supplier for Vasaloppet. The partnership covers all Vasaloppet activities year round, including both winter and summer events.

”Volvo is an ideal partner that will be with us all year round and contribute to our objective of making the summer races as big as the winter ones. With wide channels and large sponsorship and events experience, Volvo will inspire more people to compete and, through exciting ideas, further enhance the experience for our participants,” says Eva Hörwing, Sponsor Manager at Vasaloppet.

Volvo’s involvement will, among other things, include inspirational activities, employee and customer events, activation along the Vasaloppet Arena, and communication collaborations. Volvo takes its place as a main sponsor next to Stadium, Preem and IBM. Volvo’s entry means that Vasaloppet’s collaboration with Volkswagen ends.

”It’s very exciting to be back as a main sponsor of Vasaloppet. Volvo and Vasaloppet have strong roots in Sweden and both are in many ways ‘Made by Sweden’. This is an opportunity for Volvo to contribute to Vasaloppet’s development and make the various events even more attractive to participants,” says Jonas Eriksson, Head of Sponsorship and Event at Volvo Car Sweden.

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