Date: Saturday, August 21, 2021
Distance: 28 kilometres
Start: The checkpoint in Oxberg, from 18.00
Finish: Mora
Type: Competition
Race order number: 10
Registration fee: SEK 250


The race is sanctioned by Svenska Cykelförbundet (SCF, the Swedish Cycling Federation), and run in accordance with SCF’s regulations. Read the rules in their entirety at SCF’s website.


Approved bike helmet is mandatory. The track is technically quite light, suitable for all bikes that can handle a gravel road. Swedish traffic regulations apply whenever there is other traffic.

Due to the risk of injury we do not allow cycling with:

  • earphones, for example with music
  • bottles that are not suited for the bottle holder
Minimum age

You may participate in Ungdomscykelvasan from the year you turn 11 up to the year you turn 16.


Ungdomscykelvasan is divided into the following classes:

  • D11–12
  • H11–12
  • D13–14
  • H13–14
  • D15–16
  • H15–16
Membership in cycling club

To participate in Ungdomscykelvasan you need to be a member of a cycling club.


Start number and data chip

All participants must wear a start number and data chip. These can be collected at:

  • Vasaloppets Hus in Mora – Saturday, August 21, 12.00–15.00
  • The start at the checkpoint in Oxberg – Saturday, August 21, 16.00–18.30.

Den tävlande ombesörjer själv transport till startplats. Vasaloppet anordnar transport av ombytes- och överdragskläder från startplats till målområde. Bagageutlämning sker på parkeringen vid Vasaloppets Hus i Mora.

The start

The first start is at 18.00. Entering your start group will be possible 30 minutes before your start and at least 10 minutes before your start.

Start times:

  • 18.00 H15–16
  • 18.05 H13–14
  • 18.10 D15–16
  • 18.15 D13–14
  • 18.20 H11–12
  • 18.25 D11–12

During the race

Service at our checkpoints

At the checkpoints Hökberg and Eldris water and sport drink will be served.

Abandoning the race

If you break off your race, you must seek out functionary at the nearest checkpoint. The functionary will take your data chip, report your decision and arrange transport to the finish in Mora.

The finish closes

The finish in Mora closes at 21.00.



We offer no shower or room for change of clothes after the finish.

Your results

Your results are presented live at vasaloppet.se during the race, giving everyone the chance to follow your progress. You will be able to see your complete results after the race, including intermediate times.

Results >


When you have completed your race you can download a digital diploma on the results page.

Results > (search your name)

Awards ceremony

The awards ceremony is in the finish area at 20.00.


This page was updated on June 29, 2021