We’re glad that you’re planning to participate in Hemmavasan this summer! Don’t miss out on the Vasaloppet School at Vasaloppet.TV which has great advice on training, equipment, energy management and planning. Additionally we’ll also provide some advice for the road here. Good luck with your race!

Set your sights on a time and day

Hemmavasan can be completed at any time between 3 July and August 22, 2021. Set your sights on a time and day so you have a concrete goal for when to start your race.


Find a route

You probably have a good idea of how long your favourite routes are. Whether you want to use one of them for Hemmavasan or find a new route is completely up to you. Do what feels most inspiring! If you want to measure the length of a new route from home you can easily do so using an online map service. Whether you’re running or cycling, take care and pick roads that don’t have heavy traffic.

Fill up on energy

Take in some food and drink when the Hemmavasan app shows that you’ve reached a checkpoint – that will make it about 10 km between breaks. If you choose to bike or run a shorter route multiple times you can place a backpack in the woods with supplies or stop at home to fill up. Otherwise, bring full water bottles or a hydration pack plus energy bars, gels, nuts, candy or similar. Stopping by a café is also fully allowed. Remember to drink a lot if it’s a hot day!

Handle your litter

In all races during Vasaloppet’s Winter Week and Summer Week there is a zero-tolerance policy against littering. If you’re found to have littered where not allowed you risk a time penalty of 15 minutes. During Hemmavasan it’s also important that you take responsibility and don’t leave any litter behind you, no matter if you’re running or cycling! Help us take care of nature and dispose of your litter in rubbish bins or bring it back to dispose of after your race. We would advise bringing an extra bag to collect litter in.

Encouragement on the road

Via the Hemmavasan app your loved ones can follow your race. Share your information with them and ask for some digital encouragement along the way – it will be well worth it. Maybe they can even be there, waiting for you when you finish?

running personFor those who are running

Prepare well for your race, to make it as good as possible.

  • Follow the Public Health Agency of Sweden’s recommendations.
  • Look over your equipment in good time.
  • Choose your route with care and avoid roads with heavy traffic.

At Vasaloppet.TV you can find the Vasaloppet School with valuable advice on training and equipment.