Vasakvartetten is the Summer Week’s newest race, premiering in 2017. A team of four runners share the 90 km stretch from Sälen to Mora.

The course

1. Start in Sälen–Mångsbodarna 23.5 km
2. Mångsbodarna–Evertsberg 23.2 km
3. Evertsberg–Hökberg 24.2 km
4. Hökberg–Finish in Mora 19.1 km

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The race has three classes: Women, Men and Leisure.
Women – Only women.
Men – Women are allowed.
Leisure class – Any number of men and women. Running several sections per person is allowed.

In the Women and Men classes you compete for prize money.

Minimum age

You may participate in the race from the year you turn 15.

Time penalty for littering in the Vasaloppet Arena

It is allowed to throw garbage in three different ways during Vasaloppet’s Summer Week. If you will be caught by throwing debris otherwise you may be penalized with a time penalty of 15 minutes.

You must throw litter:

  • in the bins at the Vasaloppet checkpoints. It is also allowed at two controls more, Gopshus and Läde, where you are allowed to throw garbage
  • in the marked littering zones between each Vasaloppet checkpoint
  • where you as a participant know that a team leader or associate will pick up what you throw.