vinter_buss_hallplats_1350x690Leave the car at home and book a bus ticket; you’ll be doing a favour to yourself and the environment. Vasaloppet invites every participant to buy a bus ticket for their race. If you take the bus you can be sure of getting to the start area in good time.

You can buy tickets for Vasaloppet’s official busses via the links below, where you will also find all the departure times. Booking your bus ticket online is also cheaper than buying it on location.

Note that there are two types of departures; busses with fixed times and busses departing continuously between fixed times. Busses depart as they fill up so you may pick a time that suits you between fixed times.


Booking – Vasaloppet’s Winter Week 2022

– Friday 25/2 Vasaloppet 30
– Saturday 26/2 Tjejvasan
– Sunday 27/2 Öppet Spår Sunday
– Monday 28/2 Öppet Spår Monday
– Tuesday 1/3 Vasaloppet 45
– Friday 4/3 Stafettvasan – Free bus transport; the bus routes that must be booked in advance are Mora–Sälen, Mora–Mångsbodarna, Sälen–Mångsbodarna and Mora–Oxberg start.
– Friday 4/3 Nattvasan 90Nattvasan 45 and Nattvasan 30
– Saturday 5/3 Busses for Nattvasan 90, Nattvasan 45, Nattvasan 30 and Vasaloppet
– Sunday 6/3 Vasaloppet

The busses to Ungdomsvasan on Sunday, February 27, and Blåbärsloppet on Saturday, March 5, are free and must not be booked.

Bus routes and prices – Vasaloppet’s Winter Week 2020 (PDF – 2 pages)

Information for 2022 will be published in the end of November, 2021.

Booking and advanced purchase

Bus tickets for the Winter Week will go on sale at the end of November at During the events bus tickets are also sold at the entry to the busses in Mora, and at the information counter in Sälen and Mora.

We recommend advance booking

It is possible to buy your ticket as you are getting on the bus, but if you choose this option we cannot guarantee a seat, as tickets may be sold out. We therefore advise you to buy a ticket in advance, either through our website or at the race offices in Mora or Sälen. There are a limited number of tickets.

There is a service fee of 15 SEK per order. There are no refunds on bought tickets. Bus tickets are not personal but they are tied to the times booked. For secure second-hand re-sale of tickets we refer you to Tickster Resale. At present, Vasaloppet only offers bus transport to participants, not spectators.

Practical information about our busses

In Mora the busses depart from the Vasaloppet Trade Fair near Vasaloppet’s House and in Sälen the busses depart from OKQ8 in central Sälen. Busses and material transports depart from the same locations during the summer, but bicycles are transported on lorries. Busses from Mora back to Sälen after the race will make a stop at the Vasaloppet start before continuing to OKQ8 in central Sälen. During the summer races, the busses stop at the Vasaloppet start area and then at Lindvallen. When boarding, please tell the bus driver where you want to get off the bus.

Skis and skipoles must be packed in a ski bag.

Travel time

The estimated travel time between Mora and Oxberg is about 1 hour, while the travel time between Mora and Sälen is about 2.5 hours. Busses depart as they fill up. Note that there are two types of departures; busses with fixed times and busses departing continuously between fixed times.