Getting to the start

These buses are free and do not need to be booked. Since our bus capacity and parking area is limited we prefer to see a maximum of one leader or parent accompanying each participant. Our recommendation is to be out in very good time.

Pack skis and ski poles in a ski bag.

Start Hökberg
Participants and leaders or parents can drive to the start. There is also a bus to the Hökberg start departing from Prostgatan in Mora at 09.00. A return trip will depart from Hökberg at 11.00.

Start Eldris
Participants and leaders or parents can only get to the Eldris start via bus, which leaves from Prostgatan in Mora at 08.00–09.30. Return trips by bus will run continuously as the buses fill up, starting at 09.45 with the last departure at 11.00.

Traffic during the Winter Week

Vasaloppet events lead to a lot of traffic on the roads around Mora and Sälen. There are several ways to get here without using your own car. By train, bus or plane you can get all the way, no matter where your journey starts. Unless you are carpooling we advise leaving your car at home and instead taking a train through the beautiful countryside towards Dalarna.

With our buses you can easily get between Sälen and Mora, regardless of which race you are participating in. In other words, it is simple and convenient to participate in our events without a car. On the page The Vasaloppet buses you will find timetables and ticket booking.

Getting here – which mode of travel is right for you?

Train and bus

Direct buses and trains run every day from Stockholm to Mora and from Malmö via Göteborg to Sälen. Many sports clubs hire private buses or travel together with other clubs. Check with your local sports club!


Most choose to travel by car which often leads to a highly strained traffic situation. If you choose car it is important to be out in good time. A good rule of thumb is to add at least an hour to your travel time. Keep in mind that a day in the tracks can be exhausting, and it is important to get a good amount of sleep before heading back home.


There are flights to Sälen’s airport, Scandinavian Mountains Airport.