We use seeding to get good rhythm and security in the race, so that everyone can compete with fellow participants who match their abilities. When participants start in a group where they fit in, the tempo is smoother and there is less overtaking, which reduces the risk of accidents. Seeding is only used in some races and it works differently in each case. Read more on the page for the race you are participating in.

We only use seeding in the following races:
  • Vasaloppet (group 0–9)
  • Tjejvasan’s competition class (group 0–2)
  • Tjejvasan’s leisure class (group 3–4)
  • Nattvasan 90. Start groups are based on the finishing time estimated when you make your registration.
  • Nattvasan 45. Start groups are based on the finishing time estimated when you make your registration.
  • Öppet Spår. Start groups are based on the finishing time estimated when you make your registration. Ranking from fastest to slowest estimated results.
  • Other races are leisure races where your start group is assigned after registration.

Vasaloppet 45 is an exception where those registered for Vasaloppet the same year may start in the Vasaloppet group (group 0).

Seeding in Tjejvasan

In Tjejvasan you can seed yourself into groups 1A, 1B and 2 for the competition class and groups 3 and 4 for the leisure class. Seeding is based on your earlier performance in our races (see below) or on results from another seeding based race. If you do not seed yourself you will be assigned a start group based on your registration date, though only after the seeded participants have been assigned. Below you can read more on how it works and which criteria and races apply.

How do you join start group 1A?

Enter your FIS code when registering or, if you are already registered for Tjejvasan, contact competition management and we will add the FIS code to your registration and change your group to 1A.

Those placed 31–50 last year are automatically seeded into group 1A.

You cannot be seeded into group 1A using results from other races. Group 1A only consists of those who placed 31–50 in the previous Tjejvasan and those with a FIS code. Others are in group 1B.

Active elite skiers who participate in national and international FIS competitions have a FIS code.

How it works

Participants who have results from our winter race from the past two years are automatically seeded into the correct start group. If you want to seed from other races you must send in your results. Results are valid for two years. If you get your results to us two weeks before the race, we can guarantee that you will be seeded. After that we cannot guarantee that we will have time. You should therefore check if you have been seeded before arriving for the race. If you have not, you can bring the results list from the race you want to seed from and do it on site.

Seeding form (pdf)

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Seeding based races

Seeding based races are Tjejvasan, Kortvasan/Vasaloppet 30, Öppet Spår, Vasaloppet and Vasaloppet 45, as well as external races that meet the criteria below. You’ll find a full list of races in Sweden at skidor.com.

Criteria for seeding based races for Tjejvasan:

  • The race should be sanctioned by the Swedish Ski Association
  • The race should be at least 15 kilometres long
  • Only races using classic technique.


Competition class criteria

To be seeded into the elite group we require:
  • A placement 1-30 from last year’s Tjejvasa.
  • National team skiers (including cross-country) Senior and Junior.
  • FIS-points – a list is produced the night before the race by the race management.
To be seeded into group 1A requires:
  • A placement of 31-50 from last years’s Tjejvasa.
  • An approved FIS code (paid for the 2017-2018 season)
Group Max time 15 km 20 km
1A see text above
1B 4 min/km 1.00 h 1.20 h
2 4.5 min/km 1.08 h 1.30 h

For example: If you finish a 15 kilometre seeding based race in 68 minutes (1.08 h) your time would be 4.5 min/km. You could use that time to seed into start group 2.

Leisure class criteria

Groups 3–17 are for the leisure class. Participants in the leisure class don’t need to be members of a ski club. To be seeded into groups 3 and 4 we require the following times:

Group Max time 15 km 20 km
3 5.50 min/km 1.23 h 1.50 h
4 6 min/km 1.30 h 2.00 h

Seeding chart

Use this seeding chart if you’ve competed in our races within the two years preceding your participation in Tjejvasan. Note that all times are maximum times.

Race Group 1 Group 2 Group 3 Group 4
Vasaloppet 2019 8.00 9.00 10.00 13.00
Vasaloppet 2020 8.30 9.30 10.00 13.00
Öppet Spår 2019–2020 6.40 7.10 8.30 13.00
Vasaloppet 45 2019–2020 3.00 3.20 4.10 8.00
Kortvasan 2019 1.55 2.20 2.35 2.50
Tjejvasan 2019 1.55 2.20 2.35 2.50

Seeding Times for group  3 and 4, we set in January 2021

Race Group 1 Group 2 Group 3 Group4
Vasaloppet 30 2020 1.55 2.20
Tjejvasan 2020 2.10 2.25


Other rules in the race

If friends have ended up in different start groups it is possible to move to a shared start group; a friends group. (Limited spaces.)
The seeding doesn’t happen automatically. You must contact Vasaloppet’s administration.
Ladies can use Tjejvasan as a seeding based race for Vasaloppet.