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No tunnel on the final stretch

Recent News 150129

Vasaloppet is developing the finish area for Vasaloppet's Winter Week 2015 by removing the pedestrian tunnel under the track at the finish. The background to this change is an altered flow of pedestrian traffic following the Trade Fair move in 2014. The tunnel will be replaced by a regular crossover with guards. Read more

Recent News 150119 Vasaloppet: We have 90 kilometres of ski tracks ready!

Despite a mild and almost snow-free start to the winter, Vasaloppet's snow production has gone according to plan and before Christmas artificial snow was laid out in the tracks closest to Mora. After a period of cold weather and a good amount of natural snow it is now possible to ski the entire distance from Sälen to Mora. Read more

Recent News 141128 Victor and Viktoria to garland victors of TjejVasan and Vasaloppet 2015!

It is these two who have the most illustrious assignment amongst the thousands of functionaries who make possible Vasaloppet's winter week 2015: this morning, the 2015 kranskulla Viktoria Stärner and kransmas Victor Gustafsson were presented on Swedish Television's programme Gomorron Sverige. SVT transmits TjejVasan live on 28 February for the fourth year and, on 8 March, Vasaloppet for the 38th year. Read more

Recent News 141117 Artists compete to create this year's Vasalopps theme – the winner is presented at the Zorn Museum in Mora

Vasaloppet now institutes a new tradition where artists are invited to compete in creating the yearly Vasaloppet motive. Of four invited artists, the jury's choice fell on Fredrik Lindqvist's two works which will now be the official theme motif for Vasaloppet's arrangements during 2015. At a press showing on Thursday, the art works were unveiled in the Zorn Museum. Read more

Recent News 141006 TjejVasan fully booked for the fourth consecutive year

The 27th TjejVasan will be decided on Saturday 28 February 2015 and now all 10,000 places have been booked, exactly as in 2012, 2013 and 2014. For those with sights on Tjejklassikern, one can also choose KortVasan. Read more

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