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”From three minutes to three days” – Vasaloppets new entry registration procedures work like this.

Recent News 140915

Vasaloppets various events are more popular than ever before and the demand for start places is, in several races, very significantly greater than the supply. These new conditions set other requirements than previously and, therefore, a completely new registration procedure has been developed. This new model eliminates the seconds stress and also takes into account participants' loyalty – all to make everything as fair as possible. Read more

Recent News 140914 Öppet Spår Monday fully booked!

This weekend Öppet Spår Monday 2015 has now been fully booked. This means that half the races in Vasaloppets 2015 winter week are now completely full. These are the four races which start in Sälen: Vasaloppet, Öppet Spår Sunday, Öppet Spår Monday and StafettVasan. Read more

Recent News 140827 Vasaloppet is launching a new race – CykelVasan Öppet Spår

The enormous interest to participate in CykelVasan led Vasaloppet’s management to make an addition in 2015, and just like in the winter, it will offer an Öppet Spår race between Sälen and Mora. This indicates that, for the first time, Vasaloppet’s events for 2015 will potentially reach 100 000 registered participants. Read more

Recent News 140826 Swix Ski Classic 2015 calendar presentation

In six months it is time for Vasaloppet’s winter week 2015, which last week already had over 60 000 registered participants! It is the fourth year in a row that the winter week registrations surpasses the 60 000 mark. On Tuesday August 26th at 12:30pm Swix Ski Classic will present their calendar for 2015, in which of course Vasaloppet, on March 8th 2015, is included. Swix Ski Classic is promising new races and new formats this year. Watch the presentation live on the web. Read more

Recent News 140823 Jonas Buud and Holly Rush wins UltraVasan 2014

The home based favorite Jonas Buud representing IFK Mora won, very convincingly, the first ever UltraVasan 90 from Sälen to Mora with the time of 6:02.03. In the ladies’ class the name of the historic first winner is Holly Rush from Great Britain, 7:09.04. Read more

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