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Facts, statistics and trivia for the 91st Vasaloppet

Recent News 150304

On Sunday March 8, 2015, at 08:00 CET, is the start in Sälen of the 91st Vasaloppet since the beginning in 1922. We have, as in previous years, gathered a wealth of facts and trivia for Sunday's Vasaloppet. Read more

Recent News 150302 Vasalopps-TV, now with English subtitles

Vasalopps-TV is Vasaloppet's own show. 15 minutes, produced in Mora every day during Vasaloppet's Winter Week 2015 and uploaded to YouTube. An English version of each episode (with English subtitles) is published the following day, containing a daily summary as well as interviews, weather forecasts, waxing tips, traffic information and other interesting reports, etc. Read more

Recent News 150228 Laila Kveli won TjejVasan 2015

Laila Kveli, Norway, won TjejVasan 2015 ahead of Emilia Lindstedt, Sundbybergs IK, and Lina Korsgren, Falun Borlänge SK. The record time from 2008 still stands but Laila's winning time of 1.19.11 is the second fastest in TjejVasan history. Read more

Recent News 150227 Waxing tips from SWIX

Every day during Vasaloppets winter week 2015, SWIX will deliver up-to-date waxing advice in English on the web, Read more

Recent News 150225 Love lasts forever – would you like to get married during the race?

The Management team of the event Älska Älvdalen (Love Älvdalen), which will take place in June 2015 on the occasion of Prince Carl Philip of Sweden and the Älvdalen-born Sofia Hellqvist's wedding, are quivering of spring fever as well as bursting with joy now before this love feast of the century happens in the area. They shine brighter than the sun when they announce the plans of an additional Vasaloppet checkpoint, with a love theme, on Sunday the 8th of March. Read more

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