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Over 47,000 registered entries so far to Vasaloppet’s winter week 2015!

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It is unavoidable, but everyone who wants to ski Vasaloppet cannot get a start place. There are just 15,800 places each year and there were 30,000 people who logged in at the same time when Vasaloppet’s registration re-opened at 10.00 last Sunday. During the past week, entry registration has also opened for all the other races and this morning, Friday, a total of 47,060 registered entries have come in. This further confirms the enormous interest there is to take part in Vasaloppet’s winter week. Read more

Recent News 140318 About the registration for Vasaloppets winter week 2015

Vasaloppet and StafettVasan are fully booked. Here is some information about the entry registration procedures to the other races in the 2015 winter week. Read more

Recent News 140316 Extreme interest for Vasaloppet – fully booked in 90 seconds!

The enormous interest for Vasaloppets winter week continues to grow. When registration to the 2015 race opened at nine o’clock Sunday morning the pressure was so great that the website crashed. When the system re-opened an hour later, Vasaloppet and StafettVasan were filled in less than two minutes. Here you can read when entry registration to the other races will open. Read more

Recent News 140311 Instructions for entry registration to Vasaloppets winter week 2015

After a record large and, here and there, dramatic arrangement 2014, it’s time to look ahead. On Sunday 16 March at 09.00 registration opens for the 2015 winter week – which next year is moved forward a week on account of the FIS Nordic Ski World Championship 2015 in Falun. 27 February – 8 March are the dates to note! Read more

Recent News 140302 John Kristian Dahl and Laila Kveli won Vasaloppet 2014

John Kristian Dahl, Norway, won Vasaloppet 2014, and thus became the fourth Norwegian man to win the race. Laila Kveli, also from Norway, repeated her last year’s victory by again winning the ladies’ class. Read more

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