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Vasaloppet and StafettVasan 2016 fully booked

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Today Sunday at 09:00 Vasaloppet opened registration for the ski races in Vasaloppet's Winter Week 2016. Vasaloppet was fully booked in 83 seconds. StafettVasan was fully booked in two minutes and 24 seconds and after one hour more than 32,400 participants had registered for the eight ski races. Read more

Recent News 150308 Statement regarding the start of Vasaloppet 2015

When Vasaloppet started at 08:00 on Sunday March 8, a problem arose with the start gates in front of the elite group. Read more

Recent News 150308 Petter Eliassen and Justyna Kowalchyk won Vasaloppet 2015

Two debutants won Vasaloppet 2015: Petter Eliassen, Norway, who won the men's class ahead of seasoned participants Anders Aukland, Norway, and Stanislav Rezác, Czech Republic. Justyna Kowalchyk, Poland, won the ladies class ahead of Britta Johansson Norgren, Sweden, and Seraina Boner, Switzerland. Read more

Recent News 150304 Facts, statistics and trivia for the 91st Vasaloppet

On Sunday March 8, 2015, at 08:00 CET, is the start in Sälen of the 91st Vasaloppet since the beginning in 1922. We have, as in previous years, gathered a wealth of facts and trivia for Sunday's Vasaloppet. Read more

Recent News 150302 Vasalopps-TV, now with English subtitles

Vasalopps-TV is Vasaloppet's own show. 15 minutes, produced in Mora every day during Vasaloppet's Winter Week 2015 and uploaded to YouTube. An English version of each episode (with English subtitles) is published the following day, containing a daily summary as well as interviews, weather forecasts, waxing tips, traffic information and other interesting reports, etc. Read more

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