Öppet Spår

In 2010 Öppet Spår celebrated its 30th anniversary. For three decades the event has attracted adventure loving and well trained participants from far and near. Öppet Spår - 90 km, the same as Vasaloppet - is perfect for those who want to take up the challenge of the world’s longest ski event, but avoid the competitive race stress.

The start is run over an hour in Berga by. Here are swarms of people, the majority seeming gently resolute, sporty and well trained, from far and wide. With light skis in the one hand and sticks in the other, they make their way through public and skiers towards the opening for the start. Once underway, after fixing the start and that first uphill, all nervousness seems to vanish – then it’s just enjoyment, the challenge, sweat, adrenalin, blueberry soup, lactic acid and the magnificent scenery through the Dalarna woodlands that matters. And over there, at the end, is the dream of the fantastic, classic, world famous and unforgettable finish.

Hosts for Öppet Spår:

Facts about Öppet Spår:
Sunday 28 February and Monday 29 February 2016
Number of Participants:
max 10 000 Sunday, max 8 000 Monday
90 km
Race style:
classic technique
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