A non-profit organization owned by IFK Mora and Sälens IF.

Vasaloppet is the world’s oldest and biggest ski race. The first race was in 1922 and the classic 90 km stretch from Berga by in Sälen to Mora was, for a long time, the only Vasaloppet race. Today there are sixteen different races; cycling, running and cross-country skiing, that together attract 100,000 registered participants every year. All these races run along the historic stretch between Sälen and Mora.

Vasaloppsföreningen Sälen-Mora has approximately 35 year-round employees who work with planning, preparing and developing these events.

Our history

Vasaloppet's history is also a part of Swedish history. It's exciting, interesting, and historically important, with everything from bloodbaths to friendship and heroic deeds! Here's a brief background introduction. And here too, at your leisure, you can browse and dip into more information about unique races, all the winners, and much more. Enjoy!


Do you have questions about your participation or the Vasaloppet organisation? Here you'll find contact details for our switchboard and staff.


Vasaloppet works in a committed and structural way to live up to our reputation as an environmental role model. Vasaloppet has received the distinction of “Environmental Award for Events” from Håll Sverige Rent every year since 2006.

The Vasaloppet Arena

It’s here just waiting for you. An arena created by nature itself, accessible and beautiful, framed by small chalet villages and sparse pine forests, crossed by dirt roads and paths beaten out as generations of local people made their way between the villages.

The Vasaloppet Museum

Vasaloppet's House in central Mora opened in 1994, and that same year the Vasaloppet Museum opened on the premises. In 2013 the doors opened on a newly renovated museum. The museum has been updated several times since then and for the Winter Week 2017 we opened a special section about "Mora-Nisse", Vasaloppet's greatest icon through the ages. The new museum offers visitors a wide view of Vasaloppet's long history and through modern expression it shows the journey Vasaloppet has taken from being a cross-country race to becoming an arena for exercise and public health all year round.

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