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Sara Wadman and Joakim Kullberg are the 2018 Kranskulla and Kransmas

The 94th Kranskulla for Vasaloppet is named Sara Wadman, IFK Mora Skidklubb, and 30th anniversary Kransmas for Tjejvasan is Joakim Kullberg, IFK Mora Fotbollsklubb.
”This feels so fantastic,” says Sara Wadman.
”The question gave me a slight shock,” says Joakim Kullberg.

At present there are 70,000 participants registered for Vasaloppet’s Winter Week in February/March 2018 and Vasaloppet’s Summer Week in August 2018.

The Vasaloppet competition managers have now officially appointed Sara Wadman as the 94th Kranskulla, while the competition managers for Tjejvasan have appointed Joakim Kullberg as the 30th Kransmas. These two now hold what is commonly known as the most honourable assignment among the thousands of functionaries that make Vasaloppet’s events possible.

Sara Wadman has been appointed as Kranskulla 2018 with the following motivation:

”This year’s Kranskulla sets the standard for what is expected from a Kranskulla both today and throughout history. By her own and her family’s strong involvement in the Vasaloppet organization, and the fact that she has worked professionally in Vasaloppet’s House, she meets all the criteria and is well acquainted with the task. Sara Wadman is ambitious and social and an obvious choice for Kranskulla. She will be an excellent ambassador for Vasaloppet this coming year.”

Bo Johansson, Vasaloppet Competition Manager

Facts Sara Wadman, Vasaloppet’s Kranskulla 2018
Age: 21 (born March 29, 1996)
Residence: Mora, Noret
Family: Mother Anna, father Erik and younger brother Isac
Occupation: Studying design, and cross-country skiing
Sports: Skis and orienteering
Merits: Medals in both skiing and orienteering from the youth and junior Swedish Championships. Best result in Tjejvasan; placing 20th in 2014.
Athletic goals: Above all staying healthy and able to compete as much as possible. Holding a whole season together and getting to compete in the Swedish Championships.
Interests: Being outside, cooking, mountain hiking with skis, wandering. Outdoors recreation in general.Describe yourself with three words: Calm, creative and kind

Joakim Kullberg has been appointed as Kransmas 2018 with the following motivation:

“Joakim is currently active within IFK Mora’s football club, one of the six IFK Mora Idrottsallians clubs. Joakim plays in IFK Mora’s A-team where he is also Team Captain. He and the other players on the team have together managed a huge leap forward during 2017, stepping up into division 2, and we really look forward to the continuation in 2018.
Joakim’s younger years have been filled with sports and non-profit involvement. Together with his family he has spent many hours helping out at Vasaloppet’s various events. Joakim is a very social and sympathetic person with good leadership qualities. His upbringing and sporting interests make him, together with these qualities, an excellent ambassador for Vasaloppet.”

Joanna Karlsson and Maria Gustafsson, Tjejvasan Competition Managers

Facts Joakim Kullberg, Kransmas 2018
Age: 23, (born February 13, 1994)
Residence: Mora
Family: Partner Mathilda Edström, mother Anna and father Morgan, sister Jessica, brother Jonathan
Occupation: Store sales staff at Ahlsell
Sports: Football
Merits: Team Captain for IFK Mora FK playing football in division 2 as of 2018
Athletic goals: To constantly develop and improve with every match and training
Interests: Spending time with family and friends, travelling to warmer places
Describe yourself with three words: Ambitious, positive, happy


The Vasaloppet Kranskulla is a tradition dating back to the very first race in 1922 while the Kransmas appeared with the first Tjejvasan in 1988. Since 2005 the Kransmas also gives the victory garland to the female winner of Vasaloppet. During the Vasaloppet Summer Week, which started in 2009, the Kranskulla and Kransmas also welcome and crown the winners of Cykelvasan, Ultravasan, Vasastafetten and Vasakvartetten.

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