Want to keep track of family members, friends and competitors as they struggle towards the finish line? There are several ways to follow specific participants. With our services you can receive continuous updates and time reports, and monitor as many people as you like.

Automatic monitoring through app or SMS

app_sommar2016_768x768In the app Vasaloppet Sommar you can find complete start lists for each event, and purchase monitoring of however many participants you would like. For 10 SEK you get up to date push notifications with intermediary times from each Vasaloppet checkpoint as the participant passes. You will also get an estimated time for when the participant is expected to arrive at the next checkpoint, and at the finish. This time is based on average speed but does not take weather conditions or other possible factors into account. You can find participants by searching their start number or name. If you purchase monitoring of several participants you can also compare times.

If you do not have a smartphone, or if you will be in a location with poor mobile data coverage (for example, along the Vasaloppet track), we instead recommend our SMS-service. Unlike the app it requires no data traffic.

How to start SMS-monitoring

Send a text message with the code of the race in question and the start number of the participant you wish to monitor. You will receive continuous updates and time reports during the race as the participant goes past each checkpoint. The SMS-service is available in Sweden, Norway and Finland. All information will be delivered in Swedish. Prices for the different races are listed below.

Country code: Sweden: 72700, Norway: 2252, Finland: 17191

Race Code Price
Cykelvasan 90 VASA CV90 start number SEK 35, NOK 35, € 3
Cykelvasan Öppet Spår VASA CVOS start number SEK 35, NOK 35, € 3
Cykelvasan 45 VASA CV45 start number SEK 25, NOK 25, € 3
Cykelvasan 30 VASA CV30 start number SEK 25, NOK 25, € 3
Vasastafetten VASA VS start number SEK 35, NOK 35, € 3
Vasakvartetten VASA VK start number SEK 35, NOK 35, € 3
Ultravasan 90 VASA UV90 start number SEK 35, NOK 35, € 3
Ultravasan 45 VASA UV45 start number SEK 25, NOK 25, € 3

For example, if you are in Sweden you might text “VASA UL45 12488” to 72700.

Manual results service

Through our results service here at vasaloppet.se you can find complete start lists and results to all our races, except Barnens Vasalopp. The results are published live during the race and are searchable after the race.

Vasaloppet’s results service

Tips for those following participants by car

Many relatives and friends want to follow participants along the track. At the checkpoints we ask that you be attentive and follow the signs and directions from our parking attendants. There is often a lot of traffic on the roads during our races so remember to be out in good time. A good rule of thumb is to add an hour to your travel plan. Consider carpooling!

Between Sälen and Mora there are seven official Vasaloppet checkpoints. The checkpoints at Smågan and Eldris may not be visited by those following along. Exceptions are made for participants in VasaStafetten who are making exchanges at these checkpoints.

Vasaloppet’s recommendations for those following participants by car

Cykelvasan 90 and Cykelvasan Öppet Spår
Remember that bike races are faster. We recommend visiting a maximum of two checkpoints along the track if you want to reach Mora in time to see the finish

Cykelvasan 45, Cykelvasan 30 and Ungdomscykelvasan
During these shorter cycling races it is difficult to follow participants.

Vasaloppet in media

Vasaloppsradion broadcasts live from all our races and also offers reports and traffic information. Vasaloppet and Tjejvasan are the only races broadcast live on television. Our own web channel Vasalopps-TV brings you reports, daily summaries, and the latest news of what’s happening on location in Dalarna.

Some of our big screen productions are streamed live here on the website. Here you can find the relevant races and times.

Vasaloppsradion broadcasts live from all races. 94.1 MHz in Mora, 107.5 MHz in Sälen. You can also listen on the web.