Consideration on the course

There will be a lot of activity on the course since several running races run at the same time. With a mix of recreational and elite runners it is especially important that all participants work together. The race management requests that all runners keep to the right and go to the left when overtaking.

Course information

The ground surface consists of everything from asphalt, gravel roads to small paths. There are some technical sections mostly at the beginning of the race. The course can be regarded as moderately hilly in the first half, while the last 19 kilometres of the course offer flat and fast terrain. Ultravasan 45 runs on 40 km of forest road, 3 km of gravel and 2 km of asphalt.

Section Distance    Description
Start Oxberg–Vasslan 7.0 km
Vasslan–Oxberg 8.0 km Some tough climbs including Lundbäck hill up to Oxberg. Fine summer farm milieu passing Axi kvarn and Björnarvet. Hard surface of mostly gravel, but also asphalt and some forest tracks.
Oxberg–Hökberg 9.2 km Gentle rolling terrain on the Vasaloppet course, but a bit up to Gopshus ski slope. Easy forest road at the beginning and slightly uphill in the second half.
Hökberg–Eldris 10.2 km Forest track with some gravel. Down for 1 km at beginning, and then gently rolling terrain passing the summer farm Läde. Gently rolling terrain passing the summer farm Krångåsen.
Eldris–Finish Mora 8.9 km Easy running on forest road and tracks, slight ups and downs, then past the ski stadium, Prästholmen, through the camping, over Auklandbron to the final straight to finish under the world famous portal!
Course marking

The course is marked with orange ribbons and red arrow signs. The ribbons are placed so that you can always see one.

In connection with Vasastafetten’s exchanges there are two pens: choose the pen marked for Ultravasan.

Service at our checkpoints

  • Along the Vasaloppet course there are three official checkpoints, and refreshment stations every fifth kilometre. Drink and energy in various forms is served at all checkpoints. Specifics on what is served can be found on the detailed race map.
  • Dala Massageteam offers short massages to participants in Hökberg.
  • There are toilets and medical services at all checkpoints, as well as at the start and finish.

Detailed race map (pdf)
Ingredients for the products (pdf)

Time restrictions

For your security there are restrictions at some checkpoints; time limits after which you cannot pass. The checkpoint must be left 10 minutes after the time limit for arrival has expired. If you arrive too late at a checkpoint you must abort the race. Bus transport to the finish in Mora will then be arranged.

If you reach the checkpoints within the time limits, you will be able to complete the race.

In extreme weather conditions the race directors have the right to change the time limits.

Checkpoint Time limit
Hökberg 17.00
Eldris 18.30

Abort the race

If you break off the race, you must seek out medical services at the nearest checkpoint. They will take your data chip, report your decision and arrange transport to the finish in Mora. Functionaries from rescue and medical services have the right to remove participants from the track if there is reason to do so.

The finish closes

The finish in Mora closes at about 20:30.