Here you will find ticket booking of Vasaloppet’s official bus lines and other practical tips before your race.

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Bus to start

Arrive to the race well rested! Our busses can get you to the start place in good time before the start, and save you the stress of dealing with traffic and full parking spaces. Leave the car at home and book a bus ticket; you’ll be doing a favour to yourself and the environment.

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Massage with Dala Massageteam

Experience a quicker, better and more enjoyable recovery after your bike race. Take this chance to book a massage treatment in advance.

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Hotel, hostel, camping, a personal cottage, or perhaps a simple sleeping space on the floor of a school? There are many different types of accommodation in northern Dalarna. Here you can read about where to book your lodgings.

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Follow participantsFollow participants

There are several ways to follow specific participants. With our services you can receive continuous updates and time reports.

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Direct registration

Have you registered? There are start places available in several races for those itching for a thrilling race. Direct registration can be made on location at the race offices in Mora and Sälen.

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Traffic information

The traffic situation around Mora is often very strained in connection with our events. On race days there are temporary changes along certain roads, making some roads one-way, for example.

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Vasaloppet’s Summer Week 2022

The first weekend is all about cycling. Starting on Friday with Cykelvasan Öppet Spår, starting at the classic Vasaloppet start in Berga by in Sälen, just like the main bike race Cykelvasan 90 on Saturday. The short invitational race Cykelvasasprinten also runs on Friday, by Lindvallen, Sälen. The shorter Sunday races Ungdomscykelvasan, Cykelvasan 30 and Cykelvasan 45 start in Oxberg.

The running races take place on the second weekend of the Summer Week. On Friday, Trailvasan 10 is arranged, with start and finish in Mora. On Saturday there are two relay races and three individual races: The ten-person relay Vasastafetten, with sections of 4.5–15 km, and the four-person relay Vasakvartetten, with sections of 19.1–24.2 km, both start in Sälen. The prestigious running race Ultravasan 90 starts in Sälen as early as 05.00 while the shorter version, Ultravasan 45, starts in Oxberg. Trailvasan 30 starts in Oxberg.

Every year Vasaloppet attracts about 100,000 participants. Which race is right for you?

Bike races in the Vasaloppet arena

• Friday, August 12
Cykelvasan Öppet Spår start Sälen, 94 km
Cykelvasasprinten Lindvallen, Sälen, 1 km
• Saturday, August 13
Cykelvasan 90 start Sälen, 94 km
• Sunday, August 14
Cykelvasan 45 start Oxberg, 45 km
Cykelvasan 30 start Oxberg, 32 km
Ungdomscykelvasan start Oxberg, 32 km

Running races in the Vasaloppet arena

• Friday, August 19
Trailvasan 10 start Mora, 10 km
• Saturday, August 20
Ultravasan 90 start Sälen, 90 km
Ultravasan 45 start Oxberg, 45 km
Trailvasan 30 start Oxberg, 30 km
Vasastafetten running relay, ten legs, start Sälen, 90 km
Vasakvartetten running relay, four legs, start Sälen, 90 km

Vasaloppstrippeln – ski, bike and run Vasaloppet in one year

Vasaloppstrippeln, the Vasaloppet trifecta, is a challenge where participants complete three Vasaloppet races during one calendar year. Ski, bike and run 90, 45 or 30 kilometres in forefathers’ tracks.

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