During Ultravasan 90, Ultravasan 45 and Trailvasan 30 you can get help performing at your best. We’re offering energy service together with Enervit. You get Enervit’s products handed to you directly in the track, giving you optimal energy supplements based on where you are – and you don’t have to carry your own energy.

Book on My pages

There is a limited amount available and you can book it through My pages when registering for the race.

If you’re already registered for the race and want to book our energy service you can sign in to My pages and go to My races and edit your registration.

The cost of this service:

Ultravasan 90 650 SEK
Ultravasan 45 400 SEK
Trailvasan 30 350 SEK

Note that purchased energy services cannot be refunded.

Visit Enervit’s stand

On location, visit Enervit’s stand at the finish area in Mora, or the start place in Sälen. (For Ultravasan 45 and Trailvasan 30, Enervit’s stand can also be found at the start in Oxberg on the race day.)  Show the receipt you received when ordering, and you will get an armband that grants you access to the refreshment stations. You will also receive the products to be consumed before the race.

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