Ormsalva offers massage treatments after your race. The massage takes place in direct connection to the shower and changing room.

Book massage in advance
Your pre-booking only applies to the selected day and during opening hours. You can also buy a massage treatment on location if it’s not fully booked. The price is 250 SEK for a 15 minute massage. A service fee of 15 SEK is added for each booking.
When pre-booking you get a 25 percent discount in the web shop myrfmbrands.se, where you can find Ormsalva and much more.

Massage tickets for the Summer Week will go on sale at the end of May 2020.

– Friday 14/8, 12.00–20.30 Cykelvasan Öppet Spår
– Saturday 15/8, 11.00–21.30 Cykelvasan 90
– Sunday, 16/8, 09.45–19.00 Cykelvasan 45, Cykelvasan 30, Ungdomscykelvasan

Booking terms
You will receive an e-ticket to confirm your purchase. The ticket is not personal. A pre-booked massage cannot be refunded. For safe second-hand tickets we refer to Tickster Resale.