What to do with your clothes

Remember to protect your change of clothes from getting wet. Leave your luggage with change of clothes at the trucks at the start area before you enter the start pens. The trucks are signposted with colour and start number. Leave your luggage at the right truck.

Coveralls can be put in the plastic sack, which you get in your start envelope. Please do not overstuff the sack, it should be easily sealable. Leave the plastic sack in the collection pens available at each start group in good time before the start. You can also leave the plastic sack, together with your luggage by the trucks before you enter the start pen.

Luggage and coveralls will be transported to the showers and changing rooms in Mora. Do not send your things by private transport.

How the start works

The first start is at 09.00. After that a new group starts every 15 minutes.

There are three large start pens labelled A, B and C placed at the back of the starting field. That is where you enter your start group. Entering start group 0–2 will be possible from 08.00. Entering the other start groups will be possible 45 minutes before start. Your time starts when you pass the start line.

0 09.00 08.00 A
1 09.15 08.00 B
2 09.30 08.00 C
3 09.45 09.00 A
4 10.00 09.15 B
5 10.15 09.30 C
6 10.30 09.45 A
7 10.45 10.00 B
8 11.00 10.15 C

More start times are activated when needed.

Site map – Oxberg start (pdf – 2 MB)