Consideration on the course

It should be enjoyable for everyone to participate in our races. Keep to the right and go to the left when overtaking.

Course information

The race starts and finishes in Mora.

The ground surface consists of forest roads and forest paths 8 km, and asphalt 2 km.

The course is clearly marked with orange ribbons and red arrow signs. The ribbons are placed so that a runner can always see one.

Detailed race map (pdf)

Service during the race

  • Along the course there are three refreshment stations, after 4 km, 6.5 km and after 8.3 km. Water and sports drinks is served at the checkpoints.
  • Blueberry soup is served after the finish.
  • There are toilets and medical services at the finish area.

Ingredients for the products (pdf)

Abort the race

If you break off your race, you must seek out the finish area in Mora and hand in your chip.