To give more people the chance to participate we allow personal exchanges in all our races. Personal exchanges  can be made on My pages.

Vasaloppet does not currently offer a platform for buying and selling start positions; we primarily refer to

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How an exchange works

When you have found someone who wants to buy your start position, follow these steps:

1. Transfer your start position – Log in to My pages. Then click My races in the top left and you’ll see the races you are registered for. Click on the arrow to unfold the race details and to get to the button Sell my start position.

2. Registration code to the buyer – Enter the buyer’s email address. The system will then send a registration code to the buyer and a confirmation email to you.

3. The buyer registers – The buyer enters the registration code in the signup form and pays the exchange fee of 220 SEK. After that the exchange is completed and you receive a confirmation email.

Approximately one week before each race it will be possible to make online changes to your start information. If you are buying a start position later than that you must do it on location, supplying the seller’s Vasa ID or personal identity number at our race offices. The seller does not need to be on location.

If you buy a start position – in which group do you start?

Vasaloppet: The buyer does not take over the seller’s start group. Personal merits determine the buyer’s start group.

Tjejvasan: The buyer decides whether they are participating in Tjejvasan elite, the competition class or leisure class. Personal merits determine the start position within the elite and competition class. Personal choice determines the start position in the leisure class.

Öppet Spår Sunday and Öppet Spår Monday 90: The buyer specifies their estimated finishing time and is placed in a start group accordingly.

Other ski races: The buyer can choose to take over the seller’s start group, or make their own choice of start time.

If you are going to participate in competition class, or a start group based on seeding, you cannot buy a better start position.

Tips for buyers

Vasaloppet does not get involved in the deal between buyer and seller. The parties must settle on a price themselves. Unfortunately, there are dishonest people. Don’t pay the seller until you have completed the entire exchange and registration via My pages.

If you suspect a scam you should always notify the police. Read the items below and you will be better prepared.

  • Right now, there are many impostor selling and buy starting places for our races in Vasaloppet’s winter week 2024. Our recommendatino is that you only buy from an acquaintance or from someone in your circle of friends. Check with your local ski club.
  • Do not pay an excessive price for a start position. The number of people selling start positions often increases as the race grows closer.
  • Call our race offices at +46 (0)250-392 00 when you have found a start position you want to buy. They will make sure that everything is in order.
  • You should preferably complete the entire exchange and registration via My pages before paying the seller.