Have you never tried cross-country skiing before? This race, which starts in Eldris, is about trying out skiing, rather than competing. It will give you the chance to experience a Swedish tradition and the joy of crossing the finish line under Vasaloppet’s classic portal.

Skiing through the ages

Feel free to use training gear and equipment from any decade you like! Of course you can also ski in your regular skiing clothes, in the guise of a present-day skier.


Vasaloppet 10 is a freestyle race, which means you can choose between classic skiing and skate. It is allowed to take off their skis only downhill. Swedish Ski Association rules for leisure races apply. Read the rules in their entirety at the Swedish Ski Association’s website.

Swedish Ski Association’s website

Minimum age

You may participate in the race from the year you turn 8.

Membership in ski club

You don’t need to be member of a Swedish ski club to participate in the race.

Time penalty for littering in the Vasaloppet Arena

It is allowed to throw garbage in three different ways during Vasaloppet’s Winter Week. If you will be caught by throwing debris otherwise you may be penalized with a time penalty of 15 minutes.

You must throw litter:

  • in the bins at the Vasaloppet checkpoints.
  • in the marked littering zones between each Vasaloppet checkpoint.
  • where you as a participant know that a team leader or associate will pick up what you throw.