Consideration on the course

It should be enjoyable for everyone to make their way towards Mora, and it’s therefore important to show consideration towards your fellow participants. Take an extra look when you change tracks and leave the left-hand track free for overtaking. This way, everyone can go at their own pace all the way to the finish. The basic rule is: Keep to the right, overtake on the left!

Service along the track

On the start area in Eldris, and in 5 K at Hemus, blueberry soup and water is served. Specifics on what is served can be found on the detailed race map.

Detailed race map (pdf)
Ingredients for the products (pdf)

Medical service

There is medical service at the start, and along the track in form of a final patrol.

Abort the race

If you break off your race, you must seek out functionaries at the start or the finish line. They will take your data chip, report your decision.