Bus to start

Once in place at the event you can take the Vasaloppet buses to the start and back home after your finish. With the buses you’re guaranteed to arrive well rested and on time, and you can leave your car at home. Tickets are sold at vasaloppet.se and at the bus entrance in Mora. We recommend advance booking to secure your place!

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Start list

In the start list, you will find all participants registered for our races.

Start list

Start group and start number

Start groups and start numbers are assigned at the beginning of August.

Influence your start position


In Cykelvasan 90 you can affect which group you start in by cycling a so called seeding race. After showing your mettle in such a race you will be placed in an appropriate start group. Under the heading Seeding, you can read more details about how our seeding works.

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Start groups for women

Separate start groups for women are available in the leisure class in Cykelvasan 90. Selectable start groups for women only:

Start group Start time Estimated finishing time
18 09:35 04:00
30 10:35 04:55
42 11:35

Elite service

Information is sent out to clubs and participants active in the elite group.
More information on elite groups can be found on the page Seeding.


Collect start number and data chip

All participants must wear a start number and data chip. These are collected at our race offices, located in Sälen, Oxberg and Mora. Start numbers and data chips that are not collected the day before the race will be at the race office at your start location. On the page Opening Hours you can see when our race offices are open.

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  1. Start number to be attached to your back using safety pins. Fill in your information on the back of the start number. The start number may not be removed during the race.
  2. Start number to be attached to the front of your bike using cable ties. The start number may not be removed during the race.
  3. Luggage label to mark your backpack or bag containing a change of clothes and any coveralls. The contents should be protected from wet.
  4. Bike sticker to mark your bike.
  5. Chip with velcro strap to be attached to your left ankle. No chip – no time keeping! Make sure you don’t mix up your chip with that of another participant. It is linked to your start number. The chip is returned after the finish. Any participant who doesn’t return their chip will be charged 300 SEK.