We use seeding to get good rhythm and security in the race, so that everyone can compete with fellow participants who match their abilities. When participants start in a group where they fit in, the tempo is smoother and there is less overtaking, which reduces the risk of accidents.

Seeding in Cykelvasan 90, competition class

Start group 1–4

In Cykelvasan 90 competition class you can seed yourself into groups 1–4 for the competition class (only our races can be used to seed into group 4). Seeding is based on earlier performance in our races (see below) and results are valid for three years. Seeding is also based on results from other seeding races. Below you can read more on how it works and which criteria and races apply.

Using results from previous years results in being moved back one group per year. For example: If you get a result one year that puts you in Cykelvasans start group 2 that same year, you can still use that result for seeding the year after. But it will then put you in start group 3, since the result is one year old. Using a two year old result will put you back two groups.

Elite group

You can seed into Cykelvasan’s elite group, which is at the very front of start group 1. The placements below are the only seeding-based positions used for Cykelvasan’s elite group.

  • Placement 1–10, Cykelvasan 90
  • Placement 1–10, Overall position in Långloppscupen after race 5, Engelbrektsturen
  • Placement 1–10, Overall position in SWE Cup (country road) after race 5, Nationaldagsloppet

In the days before the race we will make a list of those who may start in the elite group. If you are registering late, tell the race office, when collecting your start number, that you fall under these criteria, and we will add you to the list.

Seeding in Cykelvasan 90, leisure class

Start groups in the leisure class are assigned based on results from previous years. Cykelvasan results are valid for three years. The start field is built from the front: the participants with the fastest times are in group 5, which is the first leisure class group. Participants without previous results will be assigned a start group, after the ranked participants, based on their registration date. Ranked participants tend to fill up the first 38 groups.

You can improve your position in the leisure class by participating in a seeding race. You can seed into start groups 8, 12, 16, 20, 24 and 28 in the leisure class, if there are positions remaining.

How it works

Participants who have results from our races are automatically seeded into the correct start group. If you want to seed from other races you must send in your results. Your results from Cykelvasan races are valid for three years. For other seeding races we require results from the same year. If you get your results to us two weeks before the race, we can guarantee that you will be seeded. After that we cannot guarantee that we will have time. You should therefore check if you have been seeded before arriving for the race. If you have not, you can bring the results list from the race you want to seed from and do it on site, if there are positions remaining.

Send in your seeding in an email stating your Vasa ID, name, time, and which race you went, to seedning@vasaloppet.se.

Many emails are sent to us regarding seeding. If you do not receive a confirmation email before coming, informing you that your seeding is completed, then you need to complete your seeding on location at the race offices in Sälen or Mora.

Seeding based races

Seeding based races are Cykelvasan 90, Cykelvasan Öppet Spår, Cykelvasan 45, and those races in Swedish Långloppscupen, as well as other races listed in our calendar under activity Seeding based race and type Bike races.

a list of seeding races >

Criteria competition class

To participate in the competition class we require a result from Cykelvasan (as listed above) or another seeding based race. The result must be better than the maximum times given in the chart below. In the competition class participants must have a racing license and membership in a cycling club approved by Svenska Cykelförbundet (SCF, the Swedish Cycling Federation).

Criteria leisure class

You do not need a racing license or membership in a cycling club to participate in the leisure class. The first start group for the leisure class is group 5.

Seeding for other races

Cykelvasan 90 is a seeding race for Birkebeinerrittet and Grenserittet.