Once you’ve crossed the finish line, you’ll be offered snack and drink in the finish area.

Cycle parking and shower

Leave your bike at the secure cycle parking at the Trade Fair area or at Prästholmen. Showers are available at Prästholmen and adjacent to the showers you’ll find your packing sorted by start number, provided that you sent it by our transport. You can also wash your bike at Prästholmen. Follow the directions from our functionaries and you won’t go wrong!

Site map – Mora (pdf)

Site map – Finish area Mora (pdf)

Your results

Your results are presented live at vasaloppet.se during the race, giving everyone the chance to follow your progress. You will be able to see your complete results after the race, including intermediate times.

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Placement medals – gold, silver and bronze – will be awarded to the first, second and third placed participant in men’s respectively women’s class.

Participation medals are awarded to all who complete their races and who do not get placement medals. Medals are awarded directly after the finish.


You can have your medal engraved with the year, your name and finishing time. You can buy the engraving on-site or purchase it in advance on My pages.

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Awards ceremony

The awards ceremony takes place at Mora-Nisse’s Square in the finish area in Mora at 13.00.

Training grants

Training grants are awarded to the ten first men and the ten first ladies in the competition class. Training grants for Swedish participants are paid to the participant’s club. When it comes to foreign participants the prize money is awarded to the participant but with a 15 percent tax deduction.

Placement Women Men
1 40,000 SEK 40,000 SEK
2 25,000 SEK 25,000 SEK
3 15,000 SEK 15,000 SEK
4 10,000 SEK 10,000 SEK
5 8,000 SEK 8,000 SEK
6 6,000 SEK 6,000 SEK
7 5,000 SEK 5,000 SEK
8 4,000 SEK 4,000 SEK
9 3,000 SEK 3,000 SEK
10 2,000 SEK 2,000 SEK
Spurt prize

Sprint prizes are awarded to the first in the competition class to pass checkpoints in Smågan, Mångsbodarna, Risberg, Evertsberg, Oxberg, Hökberg and Eldris. The Evertsberg sprint prize is called the Hill Prize. To receive spurt prizes, participants must have completed the race.

Checkpoint Women Men
Smågan 3,000 SEK 3,000 SEK
Mångsbodarna 3,000 SEK 3,000 SEK
Risberg 3,000 SEK 3,000 SEK
Evertsberg 5,000 SEK 5,000 SEK
Oxberg 3,000 SEK 3,000 SEK
Hökberg 3,000 SEK 3,000 SEK
Eldris 3,000 SEK 3,000 SEK

Diploma and race profile

As evidence of your achievement, you will receive a free diploma that can be collected at the finish area in Mora. Here you can also purchase a personal race profile and fine frames. Diploma and race profile can also be ordered later (with a fee) through My pages.

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Lost and found

Did you lose something during the race, or did you borrow backup materials when something broke? On the page Lost and found you can read how to find out if an item has been found, or how to return borrowed materials.

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