How to influence your start position

In Tjejvasan there is a competition class and a leisure class. To register for the competition class you need a result from Vasaloppet 30 or Tjejvasan from within the past two years. You can also send in results from other ski races to seed yourself to the competition class; more on this on the page Seeding.

For first time praticipants, start positions for Tjejvasan’s leisure class are based on registration dates. For those who have participated in Vasaloppet 30 or Tjejvasan within the past two years, start positions are based on previous results. For certain start groups in the leisure class one can be seeded from other ski races; more on this on the page Seeding.

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Elite service

Information is sent out to clubs and participants active in the elite group.
More information on elite groups can be found on the page Seeding.


Bus to start

Once in place at the event you can take the Vasaloppet busses to the start and back home after your finish. With the busses you’re guaranteed to arrive well rested and on time, and you can leave your car at home. Tickets are sold at, at the bus entrances, and at the race offices in Sälen and Mora. We recommend advance booking to secure your place!

On the page The Vasaloppet busses you’ll find timetables, bus stops and ticket booking. You can also get to the start area by car, in which case we recommend leaving in very good time!

Traffic and transport
The Vasaloppet busses

Waxing service

Through Vasaloppet’s official wax services you can get your skis waxed before the race. Vasaloppet’s wax services can be booked in advance, though the number of pre-bookings is limited.

Waxing service

Collect start number and data chip

All our participants must wear a start number and data chip. These are collected at our race offices. Start numbers and data chips that are not collected the day before the race will be at the race office at your start location. On the page Opening Hours you can see when our race offices are open.

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