There are plenty of cross-country races, some with the common goal to be seeding qualifying for Vasaloppet. Seeding based races for Vasaloppet are Vasaloppet, Öppet Spår Sunday, Öppet Spår Monday 90 (start group 2–10), Vasaloppet 45, Tjejvasan, and external races.

Criteria for seeding based cross-country races for Vasaloppet:

  • The race should be sanctioned by the Swedish Ski Association
  • The race should be at least 40 kilometres long
  • The race must be in classic technique
  • The race should have mass start.

Below you’ll find a number of upcoming races to choose from. A complete list of all seeding races can be found in our calendar. Choose Seeding based race and Ski races.

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Seeding-based roller ski competitions

In addition to cross-country skiing competitions, there are roller ski competitions that are seeding-based for Vasaloppet. Results from seeding-based roller ski competitions can be used, at max, to seed into start group 3 in Vasaloppet.

Criteria for seeding-based roller ski races for Vasaloppet:

  • The race must be at least 40 km
  • The race should be on roller skis with wheels that have a rolling resistance of C2 or more
  • The race must have at least 70 participants at the start.

List of seeding-based roller ski competitions >

Seeding based races in other countries

Worldloppet’s main races are seeding based. No Öppet Spår or half-race equivalents.

We have no charts for other foreign races, so judgement on those will only be made on site at the seeding in the days before Vasaloppet.