Vasaloppet’s sponsorship structure offers companies the opportunity to be Main Sponsor, Host, Partner, Media Partner or Supplier, depending on the company’s intention, requirements and objectives. As a Main Sponsor one clearly has a much more powerful exposure, a greater amount of relationship building rights, and more possibilities for other effective activation, than if one is a Supplier. If one wants to focus on a specific target group, then one could be a Host for one of Vasaloppet’s races in the winter or summer weeks.

Vasaloppet works closely with its partners to jointly develop Vasaloppet’s various events and to create added value and business advantages for the partners. As a partner a company has internal and external communication and activation opportunities, together with Vasaloppet, all the year round!

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Main sponsors

Vasaloppet’s Main Sponsors have massive exposure in Vasalopps Arena during Vasaloppet’s winter and summer weeks, and moreover are seen very clearly in Vasaloppet’s communications all the year round. As a Main Sponsor one receives the lion’s share of relationship-building values and activation opportunities. Our Main Sponsors are together the common hosts for Vasaloppet itself, always on the first Sunday in March.






Volvo Cars





As Host for a particular race, one can focus more strongly on a specific target group. During the course of the actual race, one has very powerful exposure over Vasalopps Arena, with active possibilities for communication with the participants in that particular race. And, of course, it goes without saying that your logo will be on all the participants number bibs.

DHL Freight

Logotype DHL Freightdhlfreight.seo.

FM Mattsson

Logotype FM

ICA Gruppen


Mora Armatur

Logotype Mora Armatur




Logotype Ramudden

Schneider Electric

Swix Sport AS

Logotype Swix Sport

Official Partners

As a Vasaloppet partner one receives an even and equable exposure in Vasalopps Arena during Vasaloppet’s winter and Summer weeks. And, naturally, one retains as Partner relationship-building values and rights together with activation possibilities all the year round.

Craft of Scandinavia AB


DHL Freight

Logotype DHL Freight



O.B.Wiik AS


Logotype Prinoth


Logotype Ramirent

Media Partners

Media Partners receive similar values and rights as Partners. Our Media Partners make it possible for Vasaloppet to strengthen its communication with their target groups.

Dagens industri

Logotype Dagens industri



Mix Megapol

Runner’s World

Logotype Runner's World


Official Suppliers

As a Supplier one has somewhat fewer banners and a little less visibility in Vasalopps Arena than a Partner, as well as fewer start places and activation possibilities. Amongst our Suppliers are many mainstays of Vasaloppet, with products and services which enable Vasaloppet to produce enjoyable and much appreciated events for all participants.


Best Western

Logotype Best Western


Logotype Clockwork


Logotype Ekströms
Logotype Fitness24Seven


This is where you reach your goals. No matter if your goals are huge or petite or something in between. No matter if you dream of climbing the highest mountain, going skiing until you’re 90 or simply want to get in good shape. This is the place. This is where you reach your goals. All you have to bring is your motivation (and some good shoes). We’ll help you with the rest. Welcome to Fitness24Seven!


Logotype Folksam


Logotype Löfbergs

Madshus A/S

Logotype Madshus A/




Logotype USWEUSWE is a swedish brand that’s spezialise in action packs for athletes and weekend warriors in mountain biking, trail/ultra running and skiing. The team working at the company are dedicated weekend warriors with great skills of designing highend action packs. Since day one 2007 they have worked hand-in-hand with top athelets developing the high-end daypacks, hydration packs and protector packs that’s on the market today. With its award winning and patented suspension harness, ”No Dancing Monkey™” USWE have started a new successful trend for backpacks, where the fit is total without affecting your movement or breathing possibilities when you are in action. Today USWE are distributing its products in over 60 countries worldwide and they are now making a new focused campaign at their home market where Vasaloppet will play an important role.


Vitri Medical