The veterans are Vasaloppet’s most loyal ski friends and ambassadors. They’re divided into 30, 40 and 50-year veterans – and 2013 saw the very first 60-year veteran!

After 2019 there are 1,059 skiers who have completed Vasaloppet or Öppet Spår for 30 years or more.


Register of all veterans (pdf, 2019-04-29)

Some facts about our heroes

Among these veterans you’ll find real heroes. Many are them are, despite their ages, great skiers with fine placements year after year.

  • Bengt Eriksson, Sälen, has skied 60 Vasaloppet or Öppet Spår. 1979 (48 years old) he completed the race in a phenomenal 4 hours and 19 minutes. He came second in Vasaloppet 1958, third in 1965, fourth in 1959 and fifth in 1961. In 2013 Bengt skied his 60th race in a row since his first race in 1953. Bengt has completed 53 Vasaloppet, 52 of which were in direct sequence.
  • Gösta Aronsson, Herrljunga (passed away in 2005), was the first to complete ”50 years in forefathers’ tracks”. He skied his 50th race in 2000 when he completed Öppet Spår in 7 hours, 32 minutes and 44 seconds (5 seconds quicker than the winner of the first Vasaloppet in 1922). In 2002 he also completed his 51st race.
  • Thirty-eight veterans have completed 50 races or more. These are: Gösta Aronsson, Herrljunga (d. 2005), Gunnar Sold, Rättvik, Bengt Eriksson, Sälen, Bertil Larsson, Mora, Börje Karlsson, Landsbro, Bo Karlsson, Landsbro, Georg Almkvist, Borlänge, Evald Karlsson, Hyltebruk, Tore Jonsson, Karlstad, Torsten Löfgren, Falun (d. 2017), Bernt-Erik Persson, Luleå, Lennart Eriksson, Falun, Gösta Lönnelid, Mora, Lennart Ottosson, Åtvidaberg, Gillis Larsson, Uddevalla, Lars-Åke Åkerman, Täby, Stig Borgström, Svärdsjö, Per Nilsson, Fagersta, Rolf Andersson, Leksand, Erland Wallinder, Västerås, Ivar Luks, Norrköping, Werner Nyman, Sandared, Henry Wallin, Säter, Ingvar Hanses, Leksand and Erik-Åke Tranberg, Sälen, Åke Davidsson, Borås, Bengt Andersson, Tidaholm, Stig Johansson, Fagersanna, Lars-Eric Svensson, Vittsjö, Lennart Karlsson, Landvetter, Erik Berglund, Viksjöfors, Bengt Alm, Norrköping, Ingemar Sandahl, Partille, Håkan Mossberg, Kopparberg, Jörgen Wallin, Säter, Sune Persson, Torsby, Lars Nilsson, Älvdalen, William Nilsson, Tärnsjö.
  • Börje Karlsson, Landsbro IF, has skied 59 races.
  • Gunnar Sold, Rättvik, has skied 55 races. Torsten Löfgren, IK Jarl (d. 2017), skied 55 races (54 Vasalopp in sequence and 1 Öppet Spår).
  • Bernt-Erik Persson, Luleå Gjutarens IF, has completed 43 Vasaloppet in a row.
  • Evald Karlsson, SK Hylte, has skied 52 races and Gösta Lönnelid, IFK Mora SK, has completed 57 races.
  • 1,059 skiers have at some point completed 30 or more races in the Vasaloppet Arena. Thirteen of these are ladies, one of whom became a veteran in 2019.
  • In 31 years the number of veterans has increased from 49 to an impressive 1,059.
  • The first foreign citizen to become a veteran was Ole Haugen, Norway (d. 2001).
  • 42 veterans are international participants: eighteen Norwegians, six Swiss, one German, seven Finns, one Scottish, one Israeli, two Austrians and one Frenchman.

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